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Dec 24, 2006
When Blocker arrived, her old owner told me she loved almonds, and she does.So every day I offer some almonds and she eats them willingly. As the other birds are there I offer them one also. The Professor thinks they are ok and will take one if offered, but couldn't really care either way. The Skippah hates em. He wont eat anything except seed. Everyday I offer him fresh almonds, and everyday he ignores them and chucks them from his bowl in disgust. Well, Today I had a thought. I offered him one and when he refused it, I bit it in 1/2 and offered him the other bit. WELL! Didn't we just go nutz!!!! "Duh,..I didnt know they tasted like that on the inside", Says the Skippah. We now have a monster on our hands. He is demanding almonds every 5 minutes. He eats them fastidiously and wont let a single bit hit he floor, then he gets another and does the same. Its a great thing to watch Skippah having some joy instead of being so laid back all the time.

Too much flash.

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Jun 12, 2008
She's beautiful. She looks like a little corella. We get a lot of them in our yard through the start of autum & spring & we get mixes of the corellas & galahs too.

All my birds go nuts over almonds too :D


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Dec 26, 2006
New Hampshire USA
15 year-old Sun Conure: Hamlet &
14 year-old Green-Cheeked Conure: Mac
Hamlet and Mac will get up on their perches and recite the Gettysburg Address for an almond ... but they are picky about the band of almonds. I have tried different brands of almonds and there is only one type that they will eat. I don't understand these spoiled birdies sometimes.

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