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Jan 27, 2021
Hello! I recently purchased my first Indian Ringneck about 2 weeks ago. The breeder said that he/she (no idea of the gender currently) was hand reared and is about 13 weeks.

When I got him home I opened the cage door and allowed him to move into his new big boy cage, the one he was kept in by the breeder was much too small for him and his sibling. Anyway, I spent the first week just chatting to him and giving him a few treats every now and again. He loves coming out of his cage and sitting on top of his door and makes lots of adorable baby noises.

The first handling stage I had with him was when he lost his balance and flew onto the floor. I approached him and he stepped up onto my finger which was fine. He then out of blue aggressively attacked my hand, I tried not to react as I know that does them no good and I placed him back on his door. Well now he loves sitting on my shoulder and will bow his head for pats but as I go to pat he will attack my hands or occasionally he will climb down from my shoulder and without being provoked in anyway, will begin attacking and latching on to my hands/fingers until they bleed. I have no idea why he does this or what to do. His behaviour is confusing and a little disheartening, he’s a lovely bird I just don’t know how to help him. Also he hates going back to his cage after he’s been out on my shoulder but will continue to attack my skin. Please help :(


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May 16, 2019
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That sounds pretty much like an IRN.

Read the articles here, particularly the one on Taming...

Home - Silver Sage Aviaries

Feel free to share photos of Blu.


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Aug 2, 2018
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they can have a big fear of hands. Try folding your fingers when you interact.


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Jul 11, 2018
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This is normal...hand-reared doesn't mean they will like the rearer or the buyer forever..Even hand reared birds are scared of unfamiliar people and a hand-reared bird will often push away from the hand-rearer at puberty.. You have to EARN it and move at the bird's pace...compared to dogs, they move like snails..but they are super smart and sensitive- never forget that.

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