new bird

  1. sundae

    Mate for quaker parrot

    Hi! It's my first quaker, so I just want to be sure. I got a male quaker (3 yo) some time ago and we're well bonded now. He is a rescue who sat in a cage alone for 2 years straight in his breeders house. He doesn't even consider other bird species and doesn't want have anything to do with...
  2. rio_

    New blue and gold macaw hasn’t bathed in a while

    Just yesterday I brought home a blue and gold macaw, Rio. He’s a 4yo sweetheart and he’s really confident and loud. He steps up and gets onto my shoulder but if he’s up too long he starts biting. I was told by the previous owners that he hasn’t had a bath and they’ve been spraying some bath...
  3. Squeeing_Onion

    Adopted IRN - wordy Backstory, Question on his size, & other tidbits

    Heya! Man, it's been a while since I've posted on the forums here, but I've poked my head in now and then over the years to read up on other posts. A handful of you may remember me as my late Sun Conure, Chicken's owner -- I am now a very proud caretaker of a little sassy Green Cheek, Bongo...
  4. leafexn

    Help Taming

    The budgie I bought back in August is a really tough bird to tame. I've tried taming her the same way I tamed my other bird (who is very close and friendly with me, flies onto my head whenever he pleases, likes kissing, etc.) But that didn't work, so eventually I'd just sit down for hours with...
  5. T

    Sophie and Solstice (GCCs)

    Hi! I'm relatively new to conures, but I'm having a great time getting to know my green cheeks and their quirky personalities! I acquired Sophie (a yellow-sided green-cheeked conure) about 2.5 months ago. Unfortunately, I recently found out that she has an enlarged heart, but she's getting...
  6. PXL_20210915_173104454.jpg


    Orinoco/Pirate and me. This is our first time stepping up!! We were both very happy about it.
  7. K

    new bird new cage?

    Greetings to everyone. I am brand new on this site, thank you for having me. Anyway, previously we had a green cheek for about 2 years. we were traveling to FL for Christmas in a larger, what we called her "travel cage". as we have traveled with her before. On Christmas Day we put her in the...
  8. S

    Green cheek conures not getting along

    Hello everyone. So allow me to get right to the chase. I am currently the owner of two GCCs, Hawk and Swoop. I have had Hawk for about a year and a half and have had him since he was weened (assumed male, non DNA tested) and he has been the sweetest and most playful thing imaginable. He was...
  9. T

    New Member from California

    Hello Everyone! This is my first attempt at posting to a forum so please forgive for any mistakes. I am a new owner of two lovely Lovebirds. I figured why not join a community with people who might have some insight into birds. Any who, I wanted to inquire about a certain behavior I just...
  10. A

    Territorial Budgie wants cage to himself

    Hi, I’ve had my blue budgie for almost 6 years. He had a cage mate until last year when he passed in the night. Until recently, he has been alone and actually kind of happier without a cage mate. He has a large cage more suited for 3-4 budgies to himself. A few days ago I got a lovely yellow...
  11. B

    Angry bird! Please help!

    Hello! I recently purchased my first Indian Ringneck about 2 weeks ago. The breeder said that he/she (no idea of the gender currently) was hand reared and is about 13 weeks. When I got him home I opened the cage door and allowed him to move into his new big boy cage, the one he was kept in by...
  12. Ceri

    Future Bird Mom

    Hi all. I have previous parrot experience and now that my daughter has gone to college, I am looking for a feathery kid to care for. I have been bamboozled by scammers these past 2 weeks. I AM EXHAUSTED. When I got my scarlet macaw, in 1997, it was so easy. When did this get so crazy, sheesh! I...
  13. C

    Aggressive GCC Not Eating Fresh Foods

    Hi! So, I am completely new to parrots. Two days ago, I got a my first one. He is a 2-3 month old green cheek conure from my local pet store (I named him Alfie). The owner had lowered the price from $600 to $200, because Alfie was an aggressive biter and no one wanted him (He was the only one...
  14. birbsRcool

    My opinion on the term "starter bird"

    :21::angel-smiThis is my opinion and not trying to sound rude! :angel-smi So you want a bird. You've done research and a bird is right for you. But you don't know exactly WHAT bird you want to get. You know you want a catalina macaw, but everyone says "oh nooo get a budgie or cockatiel those...
  15. birbsRcool

    Pellet converting help!

    Hi everyone! I just got a cockatiel around a week ago. When we got him/her (she/he is now 7 weeks old and fully weaned) she was on a seed-only diet. We are trying to convert him/her to a pellet diet (Tropican lifetime formula mixed with ZuPreem FruitBlend pellets) Do you have any tips? :grey...
  16. P

    Greetings and Questions from a new Meyer's Owner

    Hi everyone! I brought home a new baby Meyer's parrot, Penumbra Pen, a.k.a. Pen Pen, the last week of April, and the two of us have taken to each other in the weeks since. I've done a decent amount of reading, both elsewhere and on these forums, but with a little time and experience under my...
  17. C

    Thinking about getting my first parrot...Some questions!

    So I've really been considering getting a parrot lately because I've moved to a new and bigger place and have always been an avid bird lover!! And I'm really stoked for this But before I dive into research and get some valuable hands-on experience with rescue birds I wanted to propose a few...
  18. lollipoppy

    New Budgie Questions - Cage, Food Brand, Cookware, etc.

    Hello, I am doing research to get a new budgie... I have had a parrotlet and a lovebird in the past, so I do remember/know a fair bit about bird husbandry, but want to make sure I have everything exactly right before bringing anyone home. Online, I have found a lot of resources but they seem...
  19. SamBeben

    Pineapple Conure being aggressive

    Hi all! We just got a new pineapple conure today and we already have a GCC. The hope was that they would be friends but the pineapple is ruthlessly attacking our GC. Is there any hope of fixing this or should we return her because of her aggressive behaviour?
  20. K

    What kind of bird would work with my schedule?

    Hello! I am currently a high school senior who hopes to move out and go to college within this year (the university is in the same city). My mom has never let me have a pet bird, she thinks they smell and are quite messy (which I can understand), if everything works out right, I'll rent my...