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  1. F

    Old GCC Jealous of New Bird

    I got a second green cheek conure a couple of months ago and the dynamics have shifted between my old GCC and me. Below is what’s going on: My old bird is a 16 year old GCC (M) that was rehomed to me a year ago. My new GCC (M) is only about 5 months old. I’ve had him for about a couple of...
  2. ZorroKnowsAll


  3. R


  4. PurpleParrott

    New Goffin Cockatoo Owner -- Seeking Some Advice

    ***This picture I have of her is not flattering at all. Her feathers are rough but this picture does make it look worse. She's afraid of being misted as well. She is also not on her own cage. She likes to sit ontop of them and does not want to move. Introduction So Miss Millie came...
  5. L

    New bird owner questions

    I got a plum headed parakeet about 2 months ago and have a couple questions about plum heads in general and also about how to avoid him crashing into walls. He is about a year and a half old and his feathers have been clipped his whole life. Now that they are growing back he has started to fly...
  6. E

    New addition

    The place I got my sun conure has a pineapple green cheek that I think will make a wonderful addition to our family. Whats the best way to introduce the two after a quarantine. Sun is a male and pineapple a female. How can I house them? Two cages obviously to start but can they merge into one?
  7. SofisZooHouse

    New to adulting, not to birds :D

    Hi my name is Sofi and I just recently got my first Green Cheeked Conure as an adult. Growing up we had a red Conure(I don't know his exact species) named Max and three Budgies named Rosa, Remi, and Mini Max. I named my GCC Roy and am thinking about getting him a mate. I don't want to rush into...
  8. Frog & Chickpea

    Behavioural help for GCC

    Hello, yet another new member here! I recently adopted a green cheeked conure, Echo, (unknown gender yet), and am ecstatic with them. They are not yet tame, but are not fearful, and accept bigger treats from my hand. They seem very eager to learn. Their age is somewhere between 6 months and a...
  9. JoyousChaos

    Is it normal for new birds to not eat?

    Hello all! I’m a first time bird owner and a very nervous one at that. I’m a young person and my dad (after years of begging) agreed to let me get a bird. And for the record, I’ve done my research and this was not an impulse purchase. Okay with that out of the way, so on December 20th...
  10. Kitty16

    Haven’t been on here for awhile so here’s an update.

    Milo (M) and Skittle (F) have been doing better but we still aren’t fully bonded, Milo will easily and quickly jump onto my hand for millet but not so much for Skittle, she’s still scared of my hands but she goes on my hands a lot more than she used to, I recently got them new friends 2 weeks...
  11. Tapew0rrm

    New bird advice?

    Hello!!!! So, I've had birds in the past, but they weren't tame/ lived in an aviary and I didn't really interact with them very much. The aviary was my parents when I was a child, and when I had my last birds, I was very depressed and didn't take the best of care of them admittedly, and ended up...
  12. Lancilou

    New Quaker Owner

    Hello all! I'm a first time Quaker owner, I did a lot of research before deciding that a Quaker would be the perfect breed for our family. So today we had our beautiful new baby Norman delivered, he's nearly 5 months old and not hand tame. The bird courier service brought him in and settled...
  13. dancing_conure

    Cinnamon Conure doesn't want to go back into her cage!

    Hey guys :) Papaya, my cinnamon green cheek conure doesn't like going back into her cage after she is let out. I have tried so many different methods such as coaxing her onto a stick, turning off the light and shining a torch inside the cage, and putting her favourite treats inside but she just...
  14. AdDefiant3705

    quarantine with tests

    Hello, I'm getting my 2nd cockatiel tomorrow. I already have one at home (for a year- without any contact with other birds) The new one has been checked at our local vet and they said he's completely healthy. My question is, if I bring him home, is it necessary to put him into a quarantine even...
  15. Rkwh

    Patagonian Conure coming home soon! Help 😍

    Hi everyone, I’m new here all though have been reading posts on this site for a long time. So as the title suggests i will be having a patagonian conure companion in about 3 weeks time! And I would love love love to hear peoples experiences with this particular type of bird, photos and videos...
  16. S

    GCC poop is a weird color and looks weird

    I got a green cheek conure 2 days ago and named him melon (he's around 2 months old), he has been active, although not much but I am guessing it's because he's still getting used to the place. I have a few questions about gcc poops 1. Do they poop a lot? Melon keeps pooping a lot, less than 5...
  17. sundae

    Mate for quaker parrot

    Hi! It's my first quaker, so I just want to be sure. I got a male quaker (3 yo) some time ago and we're well bonded now. He is a rescue who sat in a cage alone for 2 years straight in his breeders house. He doesn't even consider other bird species and doesn't want have anything to do with...
  18. rio_

    New blue and gold macaw hasn’t bathed in a while

    Just yesterday I brought home a blue and gold macaw, Rio. He’s a 4yo sweetheart and he’s really confident and loud. He steps up and gets onto my shoulder but if he’s up too long he starts biting. I was told by the previous owners that he hasn’t had a bath and they’ve been spraying some bath...
  19. Squeeing_Onion

    Adopted IRN - wordy Backstory, Question on his size, & other tidbits

    Heya! Man, it's been a while since I've posted on the forums here, but I've poked my head in now and then over the years to read up on other posts. A handful of you may remember me as my late Sun Conure, Chicken's owner -- I am now a very proud caretaker of a little sassy Green Cheek, Bongo...
  20. leafexn

    Help Taming

    The budgie I bought back in August is a really tough bird to tame. I've tried taming her the same way I tamed my other bird (who is very close and friendly with me, flies onto my head whenever he pleases, likes kissing, etc.) But that didn't work, so eventually I'd just sit down for hours with...