Arthrosis in foot?


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Nov 3, 2019
Hello. My female budgie Glory whom I took like a handicaped bird 2 years ago from one woman, is now in quarantine due to possible arthrosis in the foot. I took her with limited flying, and one foot has some shortened finger... maybe some other bird was biting her there....During last months her flying is worse... like one wing would be lifted not the same way like the other... and the fact she falled down on the floor many times from the top of the cage probably caused an arthrosis in her foot. My vet. doctor did not see there a gout. but it is hard to detect such small joints. If she has also arthrosis in the wing joints, I do not know. i keep her in the larger cage with some flat perches there.
I give her millets, grass seeds, senegal millet sprays, corn, carrot ( she does not prefer ), occassionaly apple or some green plants. I should add vitamine powder 2 times a week.
I was recommended to add the aloe vera drinking gel active freedom in the water. It contains some conservants... I hope the side substances do not charge the kidneys.... I noticed her poops are a little different during the night... Dr. Ross Perry replied me on my email, but he did not see my budgie, and I am confused from his reply. Quote : " Ivan, I am not sure whether or not your budgie has a degenerative arthritis, an autoimmune disease, a chronic systemic infection, gout or something else. If your budgie is still with us in 1 month I will be able to resume dowsing. /the droppings show slightly excess urine slightly excess urates and green discolouration of both that can indicate liver and kidney diseases. Isuggest keep on aloe vera if it is fresh and add a 30 day course of doxycycline in water and if you can get it, a course or zeo actiiv8 ( let me know if you can and I will advise dose procedure.Blessings, Ross"
Also my vet, doctor did not understand that. I give her kidney tea for birds and aloe vera gel in the bowls for drinking. I will try to add the photo of her poops.... Does anybody have an experience with such changed poops and arthrosis? Thank you.


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If your budgie is dealing with any problems in the foot, perches are usually the issue. I would like if you could show me pictures of your bird's cage setup. As far as poop, they look normal. Your bird's diet doesn't contribute to their foot problem, but it isn't ideal. Budgies need 40% vegetable chop (consists of 2 or more leafy greens and 2 or more other veggies), 40% pellets (Not colored), and 20% seeds, grains, and fruits. Any supplements are giving birds unneeded vitamins. If your bird is getting the proper diet which is listed above, then they will be getting what they need to be healthy. Provide a cuttlebone in your bird's cage, as strong bones will help. If your bird doesn't like chewing the cuttlebone, scrape some into your bird's chop. Please contact me, I would love to help you! Just send me a picture of your bird's setup and we can discuss this.

I hope I helped! :)
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Hello, Bella, thank you...
You mean photos send here in the topic or to you on private messages?
Well, I was recommended by one woman who is working with nutritions to give birds : grass seeds, dry and wet, maybe canary seeds, millet sprays, not just like a treat, but normally , bee pollen, brewing yeasts, some vitamine powder or vitamin D natural oil ( but hard to dose that ), herbs ( chickweed, basel, dandelions, etc ), maybe some carrots, or dried insects. I was told that mostly veggies and fruits are not natural for them. Also I was not recommended to give pellets. I was reading they can be hard for kidneys.

Glory has cuttle bon or mineral stones in the cage. I will do photos tomorrow.
Dr. Ross Perry frightened me several times about possible kidney problem from the photo of the poops. but the fact is that fresh poops look good. Just when I let the paper to be on the bottom of the cage ( the paper is on the sheets for comforters ), so they can get changed during time.... It is not possible to detect the kidneys at budgies, I was told.
Some people prefer choping veggies, I know. Kale, cucumber, etc.... but if it is the right source, I do not know.
I want to buy some submissive male for Glory.... and try to let her be on the top of the cage ( outside the cage ), but I am worried, she would falled again on the floor with that arthrotic foot.
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Almost nobody is reacting on my posts... The other posts are mostly commented... Idiots.
Almost nobody is reacting on my posts... The other posts are mostly commented... Idiots.
Sorry your posts don't seem to be getting the reactions you're hoping for. Typically, more specific questions will generate more response. In your case, your posts are more general rambling about what other people have told you, and things you're doing, with little relation to the subject line of the thread. Again, if you seek answers to a specific question, ask the question.

I will also mention, disrespect for other members is not tolerated here, and certainly won't make people want to respond.
Saxguy, sorry, I did not understand your point. Thanks.
Two points:

1. You seemed upset that you didn't get desired response to your post, so I offered a suggestion how to generate more replies related to the information you're seeking.

2. Calling other members idiots for not responding to your thread will not make them want to respond to you.

I understand that there may be cultural and language/translation differences, but again, insulting fellow members won't help you, and as stated above, is not allowed here.
It is hard to diagnose a bird over the internet and not in person. Pictures of cage setup as perches mainly and pictures of under foot and joint area will help if sores, or signs of excessive pressure of area and age of bird, or a estimated age. Without x-rays and tests, or history of bird you won't get a accurate answer. Plus make sure your veterinarian in your area is a avian certified veterinarian and not a exotic veterinarian and has access to a x-ray.

It is not that people are being idiots, or rude as you claim. No one want to give a incorrect answer to a essentially a ramble?

Calling people idiots due to they didn't respond right away, is demeaning and rude. You have to quit being self entitled and respect is something that earned.

Foot and joint issue of foot could be cause by bad perches that are smooth and under and oversize. Wing issue could be from falls? Joint issues also could be caused by other diseases?

As far as the pictures it does show watery urine portion but not extreme, is slightly green in color and it very well could be kidney issues, or signs of liver issues? It could also be a bacteria tract infection? Blood work is needed to see where values are at? Joint issues could be likely a whole another different issue? Hence why no one likely responded, as no way to tell over the internet.
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" As far as the pictures it does show watery urine portion but not extreme, is slightly green in color and it very well could be kidney issues, or signs of liver issues? It could also be a bacteria tract infection? " (AC) is a,commonly pass infection to humans.

I agree with this. I lean to bacterial infection, because I remember you had chlamydia infection in the past. When you have a flock situation all birds must be treated at tge sane time, and much daily cleaning. And porous things like the wood nest boxs would have to be replaced, as I have mentioned previously . Then follow up culture to make sure its cleared. And i'm not sure whst type of flooring surface you have, but that would have to be cleaned as well, or replaced.

You do seem to have a good vet, and even they are not sure.

When you have an avairy type system , with multiple birds, and bird keep being g added, and burds have died....its difficult if an infection as been introduced to get rid of it, be it bacterial, viral, or yeast. It takes treatment of all birds even if they dont seem sick, much Cleaning, and replacing, or tearing down and redoing your cage or aviary .

Any new birds must be quarantined

" What are the signs of AC in birds?
The signs of AC vary depending on the species of bird and the strain of C. psittaci involved. Birds with an AC infection may not look sick and so can carry the disease for long periods. If they are sick (usually young birds), the signs can include:
mucous or pus coming from the nostrils and eyes
diarrhoea or dark green droppings
poor feeding
difficulty moving or flying
death, which can sometimes be sudden with no warning signs.
Stress (e.g., from transport, or a new environment) may cause the appearance of clinical signs in birds that otherwise carry the organism without symptoms.

How is AC diagnosed and treated?
Several tests are available to confirm AC infection. These need to be discussed with your veterinarian. Testing can be done either when the bird is alive or when it is recently deceased. Infected birds need to be isolated, receive a long course of antibiotics and have their cages disinfected. Treatment is not always 100% effective at clearing the infection so AC can return after treatment is finished and the same bird can be re-infected with a different strain of C. psittaci. Treatment and control measures should be supervised by a veterinarian."
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Its also important to remember, we don't have that many active members taking the time to help in posts, or they dont feel comfortable doing so.

You have medical or husbandry questions. Most members never have to deal with a sick bird, so they dont know how to help. Most members aren't breeders, or keeping an aviary , so they don't feel they have answers for you.

Even those of us with wider experiences , we dont know everything, we haven't seen everything , and its difficult to figure things out from afar. Many threads don't get posts , because people don't have any ideas on how to help. Or speaking for myself, sometimes I've spent so much time trying to help, and rarely with a thank you for my efforts, I get burned out , or overwhelmed
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I am from Slovakia, my vet. is from Czech 150 km from me. I use to consult with Dr. Ross Perry occassionally, but the fact is he uses to give me strange advises sometimes like using zeolite8 for almost everything, in the past to use ambrotos from Mannatech... and not possible to give it to budgie.
I have not made photos, I can. Glory is having some changes in the joints of the foot, maybe because she was falling on the floor in the past many times. Few months ago she was able hardly to fly from one room to another occassionally, and then not only her leg but also the flying got worse.... I want to get some submissive male budgie for her. I can do a photo of the leg, but I was told by my avian doctor, that budgie has such small structures in the bones that there is no chance to see that on x ray.
Glory is maybe about 6 - 7 years. also the previous owner is not sure.
When I told idiots, I was meaning, that if CONSTANTLY many people are responding to EVERY post except my theme... Only mine uses to be ignored... No reason to call them in such way?
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thanks. Maybe I did not understand it on 100%, but does not matter. Once more.
Glory is in quarantine with an arthrosis in a large cage with some flat perches. I can make a photo. In the another room Cicinka is in quarantine with broken wing in May.... I wait when some bad feathers will fall away and grow new ones. Cicinka is the budgies who is an albino, but also has some other red signs over eyes due to chlamydiosis. All my birds were at least 2 times healed for 45 days against chlamydiosis. I also have 2 young birds ( children of Cicinka and Vitko who died ). Yes, it is possible that Glory od Cicinka are constant carries of chlamydia, despite they are negative at blood and were healed.... The chlamydia can be hidden in the liver. Does it mean I should not buy no more budgies, because they can get sick from my current females? I am not able to make such a decision. Also Cicinka s daugther Erwinka is sometimes a little strange like have some little liver problem.... the night poops are large with deformed green fecal parts and urates.... But they were checked on bacteria and chlamydia and they are ok.... They have just viridants streptococci. Maybe my psychics and my anger is not affecting my bird in a positive way, but if it can cause a liver failure, I do not know.
Regardings Glory s poops, they are better now. I give her avian kidney tea and aloe vera drinking gel active freedom every morning like a drink into the bowl.
Thanks for your commenting.
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I also asked Dr. Ross Perry on my one year old budgie who was born here.... She is sometimes a little stranke like a having a tiny apathethic period, then it is ok. She had higher bazofiles in the blood, so she might come into contact with chlamydiosis. during the night she has strange poops, sometimes green urine, green uratic part in the poops. Dr. Perry replied me this, but I do not trust that. What do you think about that:
"he urine changes could be dietary if she ate a lot of intense greens, otherwise they suggest acute hepatitis or hepatic disease. yes, give her milk thistle and zeo aciv8 if you can and some extra b vitmina, and perhaps nebulize her with frankincence and bergamot for 30 min 3 x a day. Blessings, Ross. othersiwe for $50 I will give you a dowsing report on 20-30 organs and possible causes of her disease. "

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