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Feb 9, 2015
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LuLu the GCC
(aka: Lu-Lucifer, Lu-Ludacris, Lu-Lunatic..she is the total opposite)
(Condensed, quick to the point version with my questions)
Q: Bird gets very loud when im out of her sight. Wings are grown and will also fly to find me. No fans on or anything for this reason. Not sure what to do about the loud screeching. Any help?

Q: Very easy to startle her. Sneezing, water running, toilet, vacuum, radio, phone, etc, and she will take flight. I don't know how to make her less afraid of everything. Even hats, sometimes a shirt im wearing, my Moto360 watch, sometimes even the sun! If the blinds are open and the suns visible, she will get nervous. What can I do? I want the stress bars to be fully gone!

everyone. I know I tend to only come on here when I need help. You guys always give great advice with great insight. So, I decided to make a deal with myself. For each reply to this post, is how many days I will consecutively be on the forums and responding to at least 1 post a day. No repeats either.

Now, back to business. I took in a GCC from a rough home life. Was told the age is around 2. I consider the day I took her in (Oct. 19th) to be her birthday. Anyways, I love this bird. Mom came to visit her one day and got a big kick out of her, here's this guy who has gone thru war, fights, 5'-12'', works out, hunts, etc., but I absolutely love this little bird. My hands bigger then she is and Lulu will lift it with her beak to just curl up in my hand. I think Lu has come a long way.

We have a great bond, but that may be the issue maybe. When I walk out of Lu's line of sight, she gets extremely loud. Now that her wings have come back, she will fly to find me. I never have my ceiling fan on for that reason, a lot some Marine stickers on my window and the US Flag so she doesn't fly into it.

She also will go nuts if I make any noise or am doing something: Vacuum makes her go nuts & will strut back and forth on her perch in the cage. Washing something in the sink, radio playing, talking on the phone, you name it. Also has a tendency to get spooked so easily. Even if I sneeze, BOOM she takes off. Phone rings, she sometimes takes off. I don't want to cut her wings though. They are this absolutely beautiful blue. I've been feeing her a lot more vegetables, broccoli, apples which are her favorite, beans, carrots, and use vitamins. No seeds either. I use the Nutri-berries. Loves them. I just don't know what to do as far as curving that behavior. Is it normal? I love her, and will deal with it but if there's a way to stop it, im all ears.

Update on her though from my last post few months back. With the diet changes the bronzing is clearing up. Stress bars are also getting better. Very active, loving, and smart. So thanks to you guys big time. Also, LuLu has become quite the talker since the diet change. Vocabulary consists as of now: Hello, LuLu, LuLu Baby, Night night, Uh-o, hello lulu, wah-wah. I love it. My lil LuLU(aka the Lu-Lunatic, Lu-Ludacris, Lu-Lucifer all total opposites of her personality, shes the best)

Thanks for any help with my questions.




Hey I am first time conure owner and just recently my very attached crimson belly started screeching whenever I had to leave the house and I sat on my porch one day and the screeching went on for quite some time. What helped Penelope was a youtube video of an aquarium that had light music on in the background. Sounds strange but almost instantly solved the problem. I have her cage in my computer room so its easy for me to leave the computer on for her while I am gone. Is there a TV or computer near your bird that you could leave on? I noticed that sound wasn't enough to keep my girl quiet, but the video was. Hopefully this helps! Also if you do try and your going to be gone for awhile to make sure its on a timer so they have some down time to nap during the day.
Your bird is likely 'calling' to you to know your location, if you're okay etc. It's called "calling the flock" and that is what she is doing. As for flying to you - that's common. They like to keep flock members in 'sight'.

As for startling, what I do with Skittles is if I am about to make a big noise or I know a big noise is coming, I will make a much smaller one. Enough to get his attention but not freak him out. Then, when the loud noise comes, he's not startled cause he is already alert.
When I leave the room, Sheldon will go through is vocabulary and complete series of whistles. I will always to to answer back and that seems to help. He used to scream and carry on. When my daughter is outside he will go to the window side of his cage and do his "call the dog" whistle. He does get very concerned when we're home but out of sight. I would love to set up a camera for when we're gone..see what happens then :)

BTW: thank you for your service
Well they all do have their own personalities (I have had birds who tended to be more 'cautious' than others), but how long have you had her? I'm wondering if it's just getting more confidence in the routine. (That being said, my sun conure got used to my routine and began squawking like mad shortly before it was time for me to leave in the a little toddler.)

It probably sounds vague but generally lots of toys and a variety of food textures to keep them busy when in the cage, being confident in the daily routine and the confidence they build from training helps. Beyond that I think they just learn gradually from repeated exposure to things that startle them as long as those things prove to be safe. (my bird now says "Come on" when something scares him. I always called him over, saying "come on" when I saw anything approaching that I know scared him. Yesterday we were out and a woman rolled by in a wheelchair. He pinned his eyes and said "come on!" so I suppose he was on high alert with that monster rolling by, LOL)
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First of all, thanks for the replies. I know it was almost a novel length of a post, so I do appreciate that. Thank you.

KrisandPenelope- That sounds like a good idea. I keep her cage in the living room, biggest bay window and most sun. Plus I have an apartment so my other options would be, Closets, bathroom, kitchen or my bedroom. I will start doing that. I have the smart TV's that connect online so I can stream something like that off YouTube or whatever. Thank you! I will keep ya updated.

Skittys_Daddy- Love the name by the way. The calling the flock part makes sense. I do reply sometimes. Either whistle, or talk (as if she was to have the slightest clue of what I mean by saying, "im right here baby, hold on" but I like that noise idea. The vacuum is a big one so I will just lead off by maybe discharging my pistol or something. m totally kidding but seriously, really appreciate the tip. I rally have full confidence that will help. I will keep ya posted as well. Thanks again.

OneHorseRanch- My bird does that too. She rifles off all of them. Its actually funny at times. That I could handle all day. The screeching, if that's what you'd even call her noise, its like nails on a chalk board. I took care of a Sun Conure. Who was 10x more loud but less frequent. Lulu has this like un-ending supply of air because she will go straight for like 10-15 minutes. Longer at times. Appreciate the tip. Also the camera part. I may do that. I have a old cell phone that im sure I could use some how. Also, you're welcome. Love this country, knew I would since I was born. Mom wasn't so keen on it. After 9/11 though and the conflict still going on, She understood. I couldn't sleep knowing people are dying, regardless whether or not someone felt it was a justified war is irrelevant. Blood of ours was being shed. Needed to return the favor!

Ruffled Feathers- You're spot on. I wanted a Macaw. Or a bird of similar size. I really wanted a falcon actually but wasn't realistic. Then again I've always wanted a lion too but anyways, she has a HUGE personality. I constantly will bust out laughing and the things she does. My absolute favorite is when randomly she will just take her head and like just tap her beak onto the perch, floor, etc. Kind of like head-butting but not hard. Just will all of a sudden slam it down and keep it there for like 5 seconds. Its so random but hilarious to see. That's funny though about the "Come On." I want to work on that now. They really are amazing little animals aren't they? I am constantly shocked by their intelligence daily. I know a few people with less brain cells. Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.
My JoJo does the same, but just as she mimics me, I call out to her. You can modify the flock call to something less annoying to you. Ours is a perfect squeaky toy sound!
Startle training takes time!
"You guys always give great advice with great insight. So, I decided to make a deal with myself. For each reply to this post, is how many days I will consecutively be on the forums and responding to at least 1 post a day. No repeats either. "
.??I thought this was a joint venture???
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So, just a update. I leave music playing or if im not in need of my tablet/2 in 1 playing. Seems to help I think. Keep her entertained.

The calling out part is still the same. Hasn't changed but im going to at least try to modify it then if its possible.

The 'Skiddish" or easily startled part is in all honesty driving me nuts. I literally just took my laptop im on now, set it on my couch and she screeched REALLY loud and took off like a bat out of hell. What is it that scarred her.. No idea. Even the sun, not joking, will scare her. Sometimes she is fine, other times like just recently, she takes off. Its incredibly annoying just because I don't know what to fix/don't want her hurt!

Last of all, can you elaborate on the joint venture meaning exactly? I just told myself that i'd be on each consecutive day based on replies. Just a little like challenge to myself. I do it all the time for everything. So ill get on at least 6 days now in a row. Thanks again for all the advice. I understand things take time. I can be patient but not the best at it Otherwise I'd have been a sniper. I don't take the frustration out on her, just fyi. Don't yell either. Its just more internal frustration.
Thanks again.

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