1. Oli

    Rats and Rat Mites?

    A couple of days ago my landlord removed some rats from my attic. I know it's not unusual for rat mites to leave their host and search for a new one when the rats pass. I think I'm just being paranoid, and Juliets' not acting any different than usual, bit I'm curious of anyone has ever heard of...
  2. Ferns cage

    Ferns cage

    I've been working on her cage for ages. I have given her Custom pearchs of different textures and widths made with maple wood and cleaned before being placed inside the cage. I need to get her some more smaller toys currently there is only 2-3 the rest will be ordered soon. I'm very proud of it!
  3. W

    we just found a wild juvenile cedar waxwing

    so, we (me and my friends) just found a wild cedar waxwing likely orphaned and fallen from a tree. what do we do???? btw an eye may be damaged
  4. 20210304_101447.jpg


    B&G Macaw 3 y/o male Bogie (my purpose)
  5. SoberParrots

    Hello from North Carolina!

    Hello! I’m Casper. I have been a proud bird dad for three years. I love to spoil my bird, Bipper a lot and I love to teach people about my birds. I take him many places in his stroller and he loves it, he’s always very snuggly and interactive. See below for pictures of him!
  6. shohagysaima

    HELP! New GCC Baby Hatchling Lying On Back

    Hi guys, my green cheek Conure layed and hatched some eggs the first week of August this year and one of the babies seems to be lying on it’s back all the time. Is this normal? The mother is feeding the baby whenever and the abdomen is bigger than the crop. Is this normal too? I’ve been my...
  7. SamBeben

    Opening a bird rescue

    Hey all! I'm looking to open a bird rescue somewhere within the next 10 years and I was curious what other experienced bird owners would like to see out of a rescue?
  8. birbsRcool

    My opinion on the term "starter bird"

    :21::angel-smiThis is my opinion and not trying to sound rude! :angel-smi So you want a bird. You've done research and a bird is right for you. But you don't know exactly WHAT bird you want to get. You know you want a catalina macaw, but everyone says "oh nooo get a budgie or cockatiel those...
  9. birbsRcool

    Pellet converting help!

    Hi everyone! I just got a cockatiel around a week ago. When we got him/her (she/he is now 7 weeks old and fully weaned) she was on a seed-only diet. We are trying to convert him/her to a pellet diet (Tropican lifetime formula mixed with ZuPreem FruitBlend pellets) Do you have any tips? :grey...
  10. H

    Can my body wash harm my bird?

    hello, first time poster so i hope m doing this right lol, i have been looking around for and answer and have not been able to find it,so here i am. I am currently fighting a ringworm rash on my arm and my doctor has prescribed me a Lamisil cream and suggested an anti-fungal body wash. i know...
  11. Valyndris

    Awesome bird compilation

    I was browsing Imgur and found an awesome post about birds with around 50 awesome pictures/GIFs and figured it's worth sharing here as it was really cute and enjoyable. :)
  12. Valyndris

    Jacob is now on YouTube

    Jacob my blue and gold macaw is finally on YouTube. I've been wanting to put his videos on YouTube but the videos from my phone camera came out sideways. I converted them with VLC but they don't upload to YouTube. If anyone knows of a better free converter that doesn't have adware or viruses...
  13. L

    Getting a first Cockatiel

    Hi, So i've been looking into getting a third bird. i'm a student with a single room appartment. I currently have 2 budgies living in here, they're both 2 years old. I have space for 1 more bird and was thinking about adding a cockatiel. it will just be 1 cockatiel, 2 would be too busy and just...
  14. generalgibby

    How does your bird prefer fruits!?

    Whole, mashed, chopped, sliced?! How dose your bird like to eat them!? Or maybe they prefer veggies?! Share your birds fruit/veggie story’s, asking this for fun! :D My little guy likes to suck out the juice a prices of fruit, then flick off the pulp across the room and get another bite. The...
  15. J

    Getting red (Mynah Bird)

    Hi Both my bird's feet are red . First, there was a drying mode The bird has good appetite and energy But sometimes they prefer to sit When it's in the cage, it sometimes does not stick on the wood His age is about 50 days
  16. Midnightstarian

    Budgie toys?

    Hey, i have a couple questions that relate to the same thing so i'll bunch it together inside the same post. 1: I whittle, which is wood carving i also know my woods fairly well and i'm wondering if there is a safe wood glue or wood finish safe for birds i'd like to make my budgie his own...
  17. F

    Help! Conure might of swallowed a washer.

    The conure was playing on top of her cage. Located on top this cage was a metal washer and nut that had came loose from her jungle gym. She was found playing around with the nut that was loose. However, when I went to screw the nut back on the washer was missing. Furthermore, She managed...
  18. E

    Want to buy a parrot.

    Good afternoon, I came to this forum, because I want to buy a parrot. Now I need some advise from you guys. I would like to have a parrot who follows me around and likes to sit in the shoulder. What do you guys think is a good parrot? He should be bigger than a cockatiel. Emil Horstmann
  19. F

    Nutritional Analysis for commonly available bird pellets.

    Decided to mock up a quick Nutritional Analysis for commonly available parrot pellets. Link: Admittedly the analysis suffered from the amount of nutritional information available from brands. Regardless, feedback is welcome and hope you enjoy.
  20. F

    Choosing a Cage for Sun Conure.

    Hello, In regards to a Sun Conure are the following cages suitable? FLYLINE GREY PALACE PLAY TOP BIRD CAGE PARROT AVIARY 13333 AND Parrot Aviary Bird Cage Perch Roof Budgie Play Top On Wheels 165cm A11 - Birds - Pet Supplies AND Large Metal Pet Bird Parrot Canary Cage With Play Roof Top...