Blue Fronted Adoption Question

Mar 19, 2021
Hello there!
My father has had a Blue Fronted Amazon for almost 40 years, however he unexpectedly passed away in November of 2020. My father is really a man of little to no emotions yet I have never seen him so upset and distressed when our parrot had died. We currently live in Minnesota and there are little to no places to purchase Blue Fronted Amazons or any other type of bird besides budgies which my father does not want. There is one place that I know sells parrots however they are basically a mill that churns out all types of parrots with health issues and I would never purchase a parrot from that place. Does anyone know of any good & reliable websites that sell Blue Fronted Amazons and could possibly be close by so we could drive to get one instead of shipping a bird? Please let me know, thank you!!


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
DYH Amazon
I believe the name you are looking for is Parrot Island. They are my go to place whenever I'm in Minnesota, near the Mall of America. I consider them a truly 'all thing's Parrot.' If they do not have, they likely know where to find.

Blue-Fronted Amazons are truly sweethearts. But, I'm going to suggest that your Father change his vantage point as he will want to consider an Adult Amazon. And, he will be well severed in letting the Amazon choose him! They are much better at choosing than we are at selecting.

Very sorry for your Father's loss. Amazon's build a deep pocket in one's heart and such a loss is deeply felt.


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Apr 14, 2015
Amy a Blue Front 'Zon
Jonesy a Goffins 'Too who had to be rehomed :-(

And a Normal Grey Cockatiel named BB who came home with me on 5/20/2016.
I'm sorry for your Fathers loss...Having had my Blue Front for 31 years now,he picked me when he was 4 months old,he can be the sweetest gentlest creature...when he chooses to be :rolleyes:


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