I'm looking for a hand-rearing schedule for a 4 week old Blue-fronted amazon (large)


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Jan 22, 2022
Australian King Parrot
I'm an experienced hand-rearer of parrots & parakeets, and I finally came across a 4 week old blue-fronted amazon. The breeders are inexperienced since they confirmed this is their first hand raised amazon, they claim to know the correct feeding schedule and weaning age etc, however I'd be interested to know your thoughts. The owners specify that it's the 'large species' of blue-fronted amazon.

To make it clear, I would certainly figure this out with my experience without requiring assistance, however it's always a good thing to get the opinions of other experienced breeders.

I would like to know:
  • How many cc per feeding (@ x3 feedings daily)
  • What age to reduce to x2 feedings & how many cc.
  • What age to introduce millet & soft food
  • Typical weaning age for this species



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