Breeding my Budgies/ Questions I need answered before I start.

I clip the tail feathers because my avian vet recommended it to slow down the flying so she doesn't fly into walls, and it's proven to work ever since we tried it. I never lost a bird, I found a bird, (my female). She still is technically fully flighted, just she doesn't fly SOO fast to the point where she runs into walls.

I guess that may make sense to not enforce a no-clip policy. I just want the best for the birdies, and for my baby girl, being clipped is literally her best option.
We all want what's best for our Kids, that's one reason I'm glad I only had one egg hatch when Rocky did- I have more than enough budgies (for now at least 😏), and I would have a very hard time trusting anyone I didn't know VERY well to adopt one. I would want to keep all of them! As for the tail trimming, I'll defer to an avian vet- I had just never heard of it before, but I can't see how it would harm them if done correctly. One type of wing clip I would never do is to clip only one wing. When the poor bird tries to fly it throws him way off balance and he veers way off to the side and crashes into low objects. A mean thing to do to a bird!
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Dad is the pellet and veggie addict XD mom is the seed and fruit addict. She is also OBSESSED with straight calcium powder. Literally use it as a treat 🀣🀣.
Hello, I have their Nest box shipping to my house within this week.

I will attach a photo of my pair, The male and female have recently (within the last 6 months) become sexually mature, both been vet checked and have gotten a thumbs up to proceed!

I was thinking for their first clutch, I Don't know if they will make good parents (lol) so i bought some dummy eggs and was thinking to replace all eggs but two so that i don't hatch out 8 and them abandon them. I don't want to be stuck hand-feeding 8 babies. I have prior hand-feeding experience with finches but it is SO hard! Is this a smart idea or just let nature take it's course if they abandon them?

Any other breeding tips? Bedding to use? What do i do if my female won't stop laying after she has her clutch? What foods are calcium enriched? How to encourage breeding? take the eggs out to candle or not (asking since it will be her first clutch)? is candling budgie eggs not good in general? Ways to control aggressive behaviour if changing food and water becomes an issue? How to encourage successful mating? dietary supplements to use (powder or liquid form) to enhance crop milk? When should babies fledge, and if they don't what to do? After raising her clutch, if she doesn't stop laying, what can I do to prevent egg laying and sexual behavior?

Any other things that I need to know before I breed and may make me change my mind (other than the fact that it is a big responsibility, and takes time, money, and effort).

sorry for so many questions, I am trying to be the best prepared I can.

You don't have to have answers to them all to answer!
You asked how to encourage your budgies to start breeding....

Longer daylight time and bath or spray bottle showers help... I clip a kahle leaf to the side of the cage and the tip in the water dish ..they love it

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