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Mar 20, 2017
We recently added another bird to our flock. She is a Blue & Gold Macaw. She came with her own cage and it's huge. We have another B&G and they are not ready to be in a cage together so we want to put a divider in it. Problem is that it did not come with the divider and I am having a very difficult time trying to find one.

We are currently using a side to another cage that we were cleaning up and going to paint. Does anyone know where we could get a replacement divider or a suggestion for what to use. Normally I am able to find something that would work, but my brain to a vacation and doesn't want to work.

I believe it is a King's Double Macaw Cage

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Oct 27, 2016
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You could contact kings cages and ask if you can special order a replacement. They usually have pretty good customer service.


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Jun 3, 2013
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You can buy stainless steel mesh in flat, welded sheets. It's expensive (but not really if you want to be safe and need a good-strong divider for your cage). It'd be easy enough to cut it to size and shape then secure it to the cage with clips or tie-wires. You'd just need to be careful to choose a method that Macaw bills can't undo!

Our Rosetta has just stunned me by undoing a spring-clip (the sort at the end of dog leads) and letting herself out! That meant she had to a) depress the button; b) pull the button back hard and c) push the whole assembly in the opposite direction to allow it to unclip from the cage. That's a three-step process and she did it!!!

Maybe d-shackles could work? Or even chain of a suitable gauge with clips on the outside? It'd be interesting to have a panel secured/hinged against the back of the cage so that it could be swung open or shut to suit you.

Let us know what you decide to do! I have Macaw Envy! :)


May 23, 2018
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LOL I have my greys in a cage like that (the square version, no rounded top) because it is too small for my (one) macaw!
Blue and golds have an average wingspread of 130 cm (wintip to wingtip) so that cage is not large enough to allow even that! (Sunny has exactly one primary wingfeather, but even so...)

Nice cage for sleeping only, esp if two birds are sharing it.

Unfortunately nobody seems to make cages fit for macawwings flapping & stretching (unless you go walk-in-aviary -> what I will do the moment I marry a multimillionaire ;P or something like that)

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