1. dancing_conure

    Cinnamon Conure doesn't want to go back into her cage!

    Hey guys :) Papaya, my cinnamon green cheek conure doesn't like going back into her cage after she is let out. I have tried so many different methods such as coaxing her onto a stick, turning off the light and shining a torch inside the cage, and putting her favourite treats inside but she just...
  2. B

    Cheap but safe cages / safe materials to make cages

    Does anybody know how to get affordable but still safe cages and if not does anyone know a good place to get safe Lumber and stainless steel wire?
  3. A

    Is there any safe paints for touching up a rusted/ chipped bird cage?

    I have a large cage that has started to chip and rust, I’ve sanded those spots down, I’m just wondering if there’s any safe spray paints available to cover it up. No birds would be in the cage until the paint is done curing, and of course the cage would be painted outside.
  4. Raz

    Are these good?

    Based on my research ,these are good perches, but id Like some advice
  5. P

    moving my cockatiel

    My cockatiels live outside. they’re right outside the backyard door and I’d love to harness train one of them (she’s the only one that can fly). However, until i do that, i bring her inside every so often so she can spread her wings and fly around the house. The issue is my method. I just reach...
  6. K

    Am i doing things right

    Hi, new member here. I got worried when a friend's parot sudenly died. I have an alexanderine parrot that i named Alex because why not. I feed him vegetables like carots and cucumbers (pic atached bellow) .I change the bowl every day. I also change the water once a day, the water temperature is...
  7. Bobbystick

    New green cheek conure owner (soon to be) - need advices

    Hello everyone, I am currently waiting on a Green cheek conure. He/she is now 1 month old and I'm seeking advice on my initial set-up, or anything else that I need to know. I'll welcome it home in about 2 months. There were green cheeks conures at a pet shop near my place, they didn't offer...
  8. Ferns cage

    Ferns cage

    I've been working on her cage for ages. I have given her Custom pearchs of different textures and widths made with maple wood and cleaned before being placed inside the cage. I need to get her some more smaller toys currently there is only 2-3 the rest will be ordered soon. I'm very proud of it!
  9. N

    Banging cheeks against the bars

    Hi. First time posting from a first time parrot owner. We recently got a baby Blue & Gold Macaw (roughly 5 months old). She is eating solid food and was hand-fed by a very experienced exotic bird store. She is very friendly and loves people. We have her out of her cage for about 1-2 hours a...
  10. ohthatdemoness6

    A bunch of used stuff (FREE!!!!)

    EDIT!!! I'm so embarrassed I forgot to put my location for easy pickup!!! I live in South Jersey within Camden County. Hi everyone! So I have a bunch of stuff that are in pretty good if not in almost new condition to just give as I don't think selling them would be ethical bc of the sizes of...
  11. ohthatdemoness6

    Helping my baby enjoy being in her cage?

    Hi, I'm coming from reddit and the people there seem to be quick to judge so I'm gonna come here and add more detail because I ended up missing work from being so anxious, upset, and crying from feeling like the worst pet owner ever and I'm so exhausted trying my best and getting chastised...
  12. L

    Need Help Finding Cage

    Hello! I have two parrotlets, and I’m looking to find a cage that has a divider to help with space. I bought one, but I need to return it, because it has no bars to hang toys, and the top isn’t flat (I thought it had a flat top with a pointed top as just design/aesthetic). So it isn’t going to...
  13. O

    A very timid and untrusting Mealy Amazon

    Hi! My Mealy Amazon is 1 year old and we got him/her from a breeder about 10 days ago. He is warming up very slowly to his new cage and environment. It took him 3-4 days to try and nibble the toys and he is always reluctant to step on new perches unless it is placed in his cage for 4-5 days. We...
  14. H

    Where on earth do I buy a cage?

    I have a Moluccan, and I’m looking to get him a second cage. There are no pet supply companies nearby that sell cages, and I wouldn’t want to support the parrot-breeding stores that sell them even if I were willing to make a long trip. It’s really hard to find a sufficiently large one online for...
  15. L

    5/8'' Bar Spacing for Lovebird?

    Hello, There doesn't seem to be any consensus on what spacing is appropriate for a lovebird. Would 5/8'' be okay? Has anyone had any experience with this spacing for their lovies cage? Thank you!
  16. B

    Perches and toys, help?

    Hello everybody, I was looking at some new perches and toys for Cookie's cage, but I think I am becoming paranoid... So, most of the current cage accessories are inherited from my dearly missed cockatiel Pachito, but he definitely wasn't as active (destructive) as this little GCC hurricane...
  17. J

    To get bird in and out of the cage

    Hi everyone, Our Susan is a 4-month old Senegal that we brought home a little over a month ago. Issue: I let her out to her playpen every morning but when it's time to sleep, she hates going back in the cage, to the point i have had to corner her to go back in/ swoop her up (she's not used to...
  18. B

    GCC doesn't like the cage

    Hi everybody, I wrote a thread a while ago regarding my 2 months old baby GCC Cookie. Long story short he was sold to me not completely weaned and I was even lied to on the stage his weaning was at. By the time I realised we were all happily stuck at home - gotta love quarantine. Stepped up the...
  19. lollipoppy

    New Budgie Questions - Cage, Food Brand, Cookware, etc.

    Hello, I am doing research to get a new budgie... I have had a parrotlet and a lovebird in the past, so I do remember/know a fair bit about bird husbandry, but want to make sure I have everything exactly right before bringing anyone home. Online, I have found a lot of resources but they seem...
  20. T

    Custom Cages by Design Cage

    We are selling our custom built Cages by Design Parrot Cage. We had to find a new home for our Senegal and Pionus due to some health problems, so that is why we are selling it. I originally purchased it as a surprise for my wife and paid about $8000. I have all the original receipts still...