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Feb 6, 2008
I am getting ready to buy him a new cage. (The one from the pet store isn't ideal, too small not right) I read one article that suggests no play tops for Amazons due to them getting territorial over thier cages. Anyone find this to be true? How many of you have play top vs dome top?
I know that territorial issues can readily occur in mature amazons, so I think 'tis better to start habits now that will limit territorial issues ... so, yeah, no play top cages ... besides, amazons play so much they really need a separate play area in which to really let loose.
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Thanks Tex.

So what sort of play area do you have? I was looking for some sort of stand play gym that wasn't too much for now and having my DH build me one with PVC. That way I get just what I want and its not as much.
I just have a little tree for my guys, they prefer the "human playgym" if you know what I mean ... they also have lots of toys in their cages (sometimes I think it may be too many) ... if your DH would like some ideas on how to build a great playgym then let me know, I can get you whole bunches ... they aren't that expensive to make and you customize them exactly how you want to!


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