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Jul 15, 2018
Hi guys

I am the new nember in this formum.

this year I am coming to the UK for study, and I am very stuggle and depress for looking a UK agent that can on behalf of me to be the applicant and/or handle the paper work. We are coming from Hong Kong (OIE) region that I will prove his healthand the paper work of Hong Kong.
My bird, Cheesy he is an 3 years old gry parrot, I dont want to leave him alone in Hong Kong, as no one can take care of him like I do and not all my family member like him even he got abuse. I really want to move him with me.

Can anyone recommend me a agent company doing this service?
First: get his CITES-papers or your bird wil go nowhere.

(If you take him without them you will probably lose your bird as 'illegal import')
EU-rules are not funny.

Second: you really need his bloodwork/ tests done (all the usuall diseases including psyttacosis)-> but make sure you know to time it right. It should be done (and results known/ treatment etc. finished. The official channels will let you know when.
Having your bird microchipped (if he is not already) WILL make things go a lot easier!
(It's something even non-bird-officials do understand, so less confusion)

You are lucky (if this site is up-to-date) that HongKong still is part of the Schengen-agreement, that will make things a bit easier.

"The UK government department in charge of regulating quarantine and the Pet Travel Scheme is the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). For further information visit the pet importation section of their website by clicking here, or call its Pet Travel Scheme helpline: +44 (0)870 241 1710."

-> they'send you to :

this is an extra:

Importing Birds Advice
Pet Birds - Bringing Your Pet Birds To The UK | James Cargo Services
they have usefull links.

== agency-> afaik you have to do your own work if you want to take your grey with you.

(Oh, keep him in the cabin with you if you can- the cargohold is not a good place for a parrot esp. on superlong flights)
Great advice above...Though I know little about this, I do know that you need to take care of all of this stuff yourself, and you need to start now!! Much ahead of the time you are leaving, as you must have all of the CITES paperwork, the health testing/paperwork and the health certificates ready, and then you must be sure that you have every little thing that the country you're going into requires prior to leaving, otherwise they will confiscate the bird and he won't be able to go in...So be sure to allow yourself enough time to get this all done and have everything all taken care of prior to leaving...
Welcome to Parrot Forums.

Truly great advise above!

Select your Airline of choice early and begin a discussion with them. You will quickly find that there are specific rules regarding Temperature at airports with very high or very low temperatures ruling-out transport of Parrots. They're also great sources for information regarding paperwork as they do not want to have either Country refuse release or accepting the Parrot.

Great Comment regarding Micro Chip for your Parrot listed above. Having the Micro Chip installed as early as possible helps assure officials that the Parrot is your Pet.

The Vet Classification becomes important when Importing into Europe and North America. Both regions require that the Parrot is under the care of and documents signed by a Certified Avian Vet. Like the Micro Chip, find and being under the care of a CAV helps greatly with documenting ownership and health.

Document Packet:
- One as part of, and place in a water proof folder, placed inside the Airline Approved Travel Carrier. This Packet needs all health and Import/Export documents, Airline flight paperwork, contact sources (name, address, phone numbers) in the Hong Kong and the UK. FYI: Include Micro Chip # on all paperwork to assure identification and cross identification of all documentation.
- One set with your checked baggage
- One set with your carry-on baggage
- One set with your travel documentation
- One set with your family in Hong Kong
- One set with who will be meeting you at the Airport in the UK

To save weight and mass, print copies of original documents on both front and back.

If you are going to College, assure that they will allow you to have a Parrot. The same is true for any housing, as some allow and many do not. Better to know in advance.
Thank you, wonderful Forum folks. I'm going to save this thread link for future travelers in case y'all aren't around at the moment.

Good luck Cheesy parront!
Oh to make things even *more* interesting:

Since the UK is leaving the EU (Brexit) -> expect things to change!
Focus on UK only (if you are flying direct - which would be advisable: both in traveling-time and in possible complications!).

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