Mar 18, 2021
Dade City, Fl
Moluccans, Umbrellas, Sulfur cresteds, Bare eyed, Goffins, Rose breasted, Slender billed, Citron crested, Blue throated macaw, blue and gold macaws, tucuman amazon, blue fronted amazon, greater vasa p
Hey all! I am still figuring out how to use this website (I am not sure anyone will even see this) but, I would still like to introduce myself and company...

My name is Will Palmer, I am the owner and founder of Central Florida Cockatoos, LLC.

Central Florida Cockatoos (CFC)

Located on the outskirts of Dade City, FL we are a five acre facility, with three large outdoor aviaries.

CFC allows cockatoos and other psittacines the chance to have a forever home where they can be a bird with no limitations.

Our birds are housed in group settings to mimic their flock behaviors in the wild and provide endless stimulation.
This plays a huge role in the mental health of the birds (especially birds who have been known to pluck and self mutilate themselves.)

Our birds are also used as ambassadors for their species, meaning we take them to private events, educational programs and anything in between to educate the public on why they do not necessarily make the best "pets."

*I currently am unable to reply to messages. If you have a psittacine in need, please be sure to include your contact information when you send us a private message or find us on Facebook at:

Central Florida Cockatoos

and feel free to send us a message through there or via email.

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