1. R

    Cockatoo throwing up

    Hi my cockatoo has recently thrown up he threw up twice last tuesday while i wasnt in the room and its been a week yet hes thrown up again around the same time a week later just wondering if i should take him to a vet (closest one is only in on fridays so 3 days) or wait it out he has pretty...
  2. jeffthecockatoo

    Got a cockatoo as a first-time bird owner. Is he (she?) happy?

    Hello! We’re new to this forum and to the parrot world! My dad got me Jeff the cockatoo as a surprise gift and we’ve been in love with her ever since. But they say cockatoos are more ”difficult” or “demanding” parrots, and are not recommended for first-time bird owners. So help me give him (or...
  3. Cuddle time

    Cuddle time

  4. Mom, look!

    Mom, look!

    I claimed the abandoned swing in my house as my own playground!
  5. Kiss? Wink wink

    Kiss? Wink wink

    Caught a corn-filled Jeff mid-blink
  6. A smile for the camera

    A smile for the camera

    Can you feel just how pure she is from this picture? 😍
  7. Enjoying the view

    Enjoying the view

  8. birbgurl

    This site is a lifesaver!

    Hi everyone! My name is Jam I’m 33 years old. And your site has been my go to for any birb questions. I own a cockatoo rescue, Hero (upper beak got bitten off by a macaw when it was a baby), George my green IRN, Steven my racquet tail, Larry my SC, Mikey and Pablo the budgies...
  9. CuppaTea

    What type of behaviour

    Is this? my rescued galah has been doing this weird flipping around thing and screeching when I screech 😂😂 He screeches when I yell at my kids aswell. for those that haven’t followed, echo was found in the wild with an injured leg, it’s currently broken, it doesn’t seem to bother him and he...
  10. A


    Is there a good cockatoo for someone still in school? I have 2 cockatiels right now and really would like a smaller cockatoo. I’ll be able to give about 4-5 hours of time a day
  11. O

    Galah Cockatoo does not like me anymore

    Hello everyone, Two day ago, we bought a 2 year old female Galah Cockatoo. When we went to look at her she was very happy to see me. I could take her out of the cage, dance with her and pet her. I wasn't scared of her for a minute. She even did not really want to sit with my boyfriend, she...
  12. B

    Cockatoo Shouting

    Hello! As all of you know cockatoos can be very very loud. I see plenty of websites making this very well known, and rightly so, as owning a cockatoo isn't for everyone, and needs to be very seriously considered. And maybe I'm just an oddball but is anyone else just completely unbothered/even...
  13. CentralFloridaCockatoos

    -central florida cockatoos-

    Hey all! I am still figuring out how to use this website (I am not sure anyone will even see this) but, I would still like to introduce myself and company... My name is Will Palmer, I am the owner and founder of Central Florida Cockatoos, LLC. Central Florida Cockatoos (CFC) Located on the...
  14. MelloYello

    Galah stories and advice

    Hi! I’m looking into adopting a parrot. I’ve only owned smaller parrots (conures) in the past. I have researched birds for years and believe I am ready to own a slightly bigger bird. I’m not going for huge, but something more medium. My favorite species are rose-breasted cockatoos, and I have my...
  15. MelloYello

    Galah Cockatoos in Texas

    Hi! My friend is looking to adopt a galah cockatoo and to help her out i was wondering if anyone knew any good places in Texas? She’d like a baby, but she’s also open to rescuing/adopting. I haven’t owned any large birds so I don’t know any reputable breeders or rescues of that species or in...
  16. M

    Aggressive Galah Help

    Hello:) today I have a question concerning my Galah. For the past few months he has been aggressive towards myself and everyone else that he comes intact with, what I mean by that is he's friendly with me sometimes but cant be around anyone else. He was once friendly to whoever he meets but...
  17. H

    Cockatoo help!!

    :white1::white1:Okay, so I am fostering a Giffin’s cockatoo (Charlie, 13) currently from a local rescue. I want SO badly to keep him. I just want to correct some behavioral issues first but I have honestly no cockatoo experience so I need some help/advice!! First) he won’t fly or step up on to...
  18. T

    Red Palm Oil

    Hi, New register here with 30-year old very spoiled (aren't they all) Goffin's cockatoo. He's been picking more than usual this year and I suspect it's hormones. A fill-in vet recommended parrot red palm oil. Anyone out there try this? Pros/cons? Thanks!
  19. Mammad

    My Umbrella plucking

    My Umbrella is plucking hi everyone, sorry for my bad english :D its my 3rd language my 3 years old umbrella (Casper) is cutting his feathers to small pieces for more than 3 months now, took him to the vet tested for mite, worms, salmonella and skin diseases all came negative and his blood test...
  20. C

    Rescued Cockatoo

    I recently obtained the greatest cockatoo ever (my completely biased opinion!). She was gotten for free, but was apparently taken care of people who meant well, but didn't do well for her. Her foot was broken in the cage, her nails are wrapped around, and her feathers are horrible. She has...