Christmas Shopping.


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Sep 7, 2006
Well today I thought I'd better make a start on getting my kids some christmas presents. I have nearly finished getting my daughters bits and bobs and was feeling very happy with myself, until I realised that I hadn't got anything for my son. :eek:

Anyway I am in town at 8.30 this morning thinking I could get most of it done. I ended up with 3 small bits, then the crowds started, the pushing and shoving and people are coming at you from every direction trying to hand you leaflets. Thats my cue to come home. The outcome of my shopping trip, cards, wrapping paper, food and 3 stocking fillers but thats it. :eek: Looks like I'm going to have to do the same thing again on Monday. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

Think I'll leave that til the middle of the week and go birdie shopping Monday, just to get me in the mood. :)

What are you all getting for your birds/pets.??????????
Well, Kodie is getting either a playstand or a new cage, im still deciding. The tiels are getting a new cage asap, the one their in now is way too small for the 2 of them. For my ringneck, well he will just like to be with me on christmas day, he is so attached to me so he doesnt mind getting nothing!!!:D

I also got 2 guinea pigs today, they were my brothers girlfriend's pigs. She says she is allergic to them so i took them in, otherwise they'd end up in a petshop or rescue. But i must say they really looked bad. They were extremely dirty and smelly and their tonenails were terribly overgrown!:eek: I dont think i have a soft place for her, she got the pigs and loved them so, but when she got her bird they were all forgotten. And we here know how its like to own a zoo of animals, but not one of us neglect and at the end forget about our other non feathered pets, it makes me so angry:mad: !!

But i will post pics of the 2 new buggers soon!!!:p Enjoy your x-mas shopping everyone!!!
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I look forward to seeing the pictures of the new family members. I know what you mean about it making you mad. All these pets want and deserve is love and attention, even if a new family member arrives. It is such a shame and makes me so angry :mad: They really don't deserve that to happen to them.

Thank goodness they have found a wonderful home now, and a forever home. :07:
As I'm sure I've mentioned Misty is getting a new birdy buddy!!! I don't think she will appreciate that present too much but at least she will have someone to talk to during the day. Also we're celebrating Christmas in Austin and they have a great bird store there so I will stock up on lots of toys and perchs the chain stores here don't carry. Less than a month till my new FID - I've been waiting so long it seems really close I keep rearanging the cage am I obsessed or what LOL.
Hey all, Dobby got her new cage early.It was very expensive but to see her happy it has no value. The rest of the crew will get looked after i will give them all special treats and stuff, our dog will probably get a meat pie to herself again. Thats what she got last year and loved it. You could see her smile.I lost a pet today though on a sad note. iT was one of our fish that we had for seven years., Got him when he was only about two inches long and he grew to nearly 14 inches. He will be missed greatly.R.I.P. OSCAR.:(
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:D :D As soon as we get a bird, I think we all become obsessed, with one thing or another. But its a wonderful obsession, and the best one of all to have :D :D
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Hi Bill, sorry to hear of the loss of your fish, It doesn't matter how big or small a pet we have, when we lose one its always so sad isn't it.

Glad the Dobby likes her new cage, I'm sure your dog is looking forward to her meat pie.
I am obsessed over all my pets whether they be fish,feathers or anything else. THey all have a place in my heart.:D
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bill said:
I am obsessed over all my pets whether they be fish,feathers or anything else. THey all have a place in my heart.:D

And that is a true and wonderful pet person. Its so nice to hear that, :07: I love to hear people say how much they love their pets, no matter what pets they have, It makes my heart sing. I am so glad that we have a forum of TRUE and wonderful pet lovers.
Thanks Peta. I'll drink to that. I am very lucky to be able to share my love with all you guys. If I have to share it with people i am glad it is oyu guys.I respect and admire all of you., Passion for animals is a rare gift and we should all cheerish it.:) :)

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