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Oct 11, 2021
Green cheek conure
Hi unfortunately I still haven't find the owner of the conure I took in, I guess it was abandoned by its owner. There's no leg tags or something. I'm quite confused about some of the things it does like knocking its beak on surfaces, e.g the cage, the table or my hand. Secondly, it always slash/grind its beak on its perch in the cage, that looks quite aggressive too. Is it a bad thing? But then again I'm not familiar with birds so I don't know what's going on. And it likes to get out if its cage and screams when we dont let it out. Is all these healthy? I can't seem to earn its trust no matter what I do. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm mistreating it, I had done nothing but pet it and give treats. It still bites me whenever it likes. I have no clue what's happening or what to do about it. I'm totally confused. Please help me.


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May 8, 2017
Green cheek conure - Sydney (Syd) Hatched 2/2017
Ok let's back up a bit. You haven't had it long have you and it takes sometimes weeks for them to get used to new places and people. All the things you have observed seem normal to me. the beak banging on your hand sounds like a regurgitating action which is how birds feed their young. It possibly means that he likes you. The fact that he's on your hand at all confirms a degree of trust. They are active inquisitive playful little birds who need a lot of interaction/playtime. So being in a cage is often the last thing they want. Having said that Syd is in his cage quite often during the day. Not for hours but if I'm busy doing something where he could be a nuisance or get injured I ask him to go in his cage with a treat and he understands and is happy. On the other hand if he spies me at the laptop or chilling he demands to chill with me and usually does.

Make sure that his cage is interesting. I have quite a stash of toys and change them a couple at a time every few days. I also move perches around so that his route round the cage changes. He will sit for ages if I talk to him or sing. What he can't do is sit in his cage ignored and quiet unless it is after lunch when he often naps for an hour.

I think the secret is building a relationship with them. Some say it's like living with a 2 yr old toddler, demanding, annoying at times but makes up for it by being very sweet. The biting you will have to deal with by laying down the ground rules like putting him somewhere and ignoring. Covering up so biting is impossible, not allowing shoulder privileges. It will pass but he has to understand the behaviour that you require and that takes calm determination, consistency and most of all time. You will think it will never get better then suddenly it does but you have to commit to the training. Hang in there - you have done a great thing by giving this little one a chance but sadly you have no idea of his previous life so he may be having to iron out problems in his head from another owner. It may of course simply be that for the moment he is hormonal and struggling with trying to cope. Keep asking questions and you'll find this place full of help.


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Sep 16, 2021
Hanhs Macaw
He is lucky to have you, to the rescue.
Loosing his home and wondering with out food and water among predators, what an adventure.

About screaming, to get attention. I recommend, randomly paying attention to him. Like talking to him and letting him out when he is quiet, as often as you can.
But when he scream, just walk to him to see that he is not in any immediate danger, then let him be. Not rewarding that screaming, should reduce it.

My Emerald get toys and small treat waiting for her every turn to her cage at the beginning. After she gets the idea, that she will get to come out again later the resistance reduced.

Could you show us his photo?

What's his favorite food?
it's the way to his heart.......

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