conure behaviour

  1. B

    Hello! Conure baby bonding

    How are you all doing. I recently got a baby conure from my neighbour whose parrot was not properly feeding the chick and had tl be handfed...its close to 15 days but its just a rough estimate and yes i have experience in hand rearing birds such as finches and budgies and cockatiels(im 15). The...
  2. DaeDae

    My Conure bites me but always wants to be near me

    Hello! Im new here but didn't know where else to go ;w; I have a male Green Cheek Conure Kiwi, who is roughly 8-9 months old now. Kiwi has the biggest personality and is such a funny and playful birdie, but ever since ive adopted him hes always been a biter ToT. Ive done research and I...
  3. L

    Coming back for more advice

    Thanks in advanced to anyone who may read this and offer help. A while ago I made a post about a troublesome conure and recieved a lot of good advice ( Since then there has been some progress but also another hurdle. We...
  4. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko is scared of the dark guys.

    So it's 8:00pm I'm trying to get Teeko into his cage to get ready for bed, but he refuses because he likes to sit on the top or on his side perch and stay up as late as he can..the moment I dim the lights down he wants to fly off his cage, and fly to my bed, and get on my hand. He will just sit...
  5. R

    Conure won’t come out of cage!

    Hi everyone, I’m quite new to this site but I thought I’d give it a try. Basically, I’ve had my green conure, Kiwi, for around 4 years. He was given to me when I was 12, and I took the best care of him alongside my mom. I took him out basically every day, but sometimes I would not do it if I...
  6. Charlie sleeps weird_june 8 2023.jpeg

    Charlie sleeps weird_june 8 2023.jpeg

    A terrible photo of Charlie sleeping in his weird, horizontal position.
  7. unburiedpup

    I got a Green Cheek Conure from my friend and I need help.

    Hi, so I should’ve made this account when I first got him, but last Monday, I was given a Green Cheek Conure by my friend because she wasn’t able to care for him anymore. I named him Aristotle because her family would only call him “bird”. I am trying to ween him off of a seed only diet to a...
  8. Tapew0rrm

    New bird advice?

    Hello!!!! So, I've had birds in the past, but they weren't tame/ lived in an aviary and I didn't really interact with them very much. The aviary was my parents when I was a child, and when I had my last birds, I was very depressed and didn't take the best of care of them admittedly, and ended up...
  9. Raz

    Why does he attack my mom!!?

    This is a recap: My male jenday attacks my mom for no reason. He’s flown from one room to another to attack her, dived from walls and tried to attack her eyes and hands. Additionally, he’s tried to bite my dads eyes. I thought it was because of me, so I experimented without me there, but kept a...
  10. Jacob1302

    Conure behavior issues

    My Pearly conure (just under a year and a half old) has recently had a rather drastic change in his behavior, I'm not positive but if I had to guess its probably been happening for around a month or two now. Until recently he was unable to fly (His wings were clipped before I got him) and when...
  11. P

    Conure Behavioral Issues

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to get some insight if anyone could possibly help on the below issue - Recently my 2 year old Conure (Zazu :)) has been acting a little strange & aggressive towards my parents. She actually grew up with both my parents & I from February 2020 all the way up to April...
  12. D

    Confused abt conure's behavior

    Hi unfortunately I still haven't find the owner of the conure I took in, I guess it was abandoned by its owner. There's no leg tags or something. I'm quite confused about some of the things it does like knocking its beak on surfaces, e.g the cage, the table or my hand. Secondly, it always...
  13. J

    Hard biting (male peach fronted conure)

    Hey guys My names jacob and i just joined up to ask some questions about my lovely peach fronted conure Petrie. He’s going really well, and is the first conure ive owned. I’ve previously kept budgies and cockatiels, so i have a bit of experience. Anyway, he is hand-raised, gentle, and...
  14. Lelocheese

    Conure is demanding?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew why my green cheek conure is acting like this, when she's in her cage she's quiet and plays with her toys but as soon as she is out, she starts chirping and doesn't stop, she's not hungry and I don't know what is wrong... She isn't looking for my attention...
  15. A

    Conures won't breed a second time

    My conures bred over a year, but they don't breed a second time. I keep thinking they are gona breed cause they eat lots of calcium and feed each other then randomly stop. I've tried increasing lighting, giving supplement, things to shred. But they are not breeding. Any advice? Btw I have bred...