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Dec 29, 2015
Columbia, Maryland
Gloria, BFA, adopted on Jan. 9, 2016 when she was 30 years old
. Her mom went to a nursing home.
Also have 2 cats (Rangerand Luna) and a 24 year old aquatic turtle, named Elvis.
Gloria has been here almost 3 weeks. The last few days I've been home most of the day as schools were closed due to snow. She's been calling "mother" a lot even with me in the room. This has been getting more intense and I suspect she's looking for the mother she had for 30 years. I answer her every time she does this by saying her name, yes or mother's here. Is there anything else I can do to help her learn that she has a new mother? Poor thing. It's such a major change for her. I moved her cage close to me (about 3 feet away) while I was working in the family room so she could see me. I know this will take time. I'll be back to work either tomorrow or next week and she will be home with the radio while I'm out all day.

She's standing on her dish, flipping her wings and calling "mother" and looking around. She won't get on my hand or a stick yet. Any suggestions would be very helpful.:green:


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Sep 12, 2012
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You may need to reward her for doing another, more desirable behavior over the one she's doing right now.

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