Conure is driving me crazy


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Nov 27, 2022
Crimson bellied conure- Tequila
Greencheek conure- Sierra
Pearled cockatiel- Malibu
Cockatiel- Volkan
Yellow budgies- Pina Colada and Houdini
Blue budgie- Lightning
White and blue budgie- Ciroc
My crimson bellied conure, Tequila, is driving me crazy. She doesn't stop screaming and her screams are extremely loud. I am unemployed currently and so she has a lot of freedom and attention throughout the day but it seems to have made her worse? If I limit her out of cage time to four hours a day then she's much better behaved, but if it's a day like today, where she's had three hours in my room and then six hours outside in the aviary then she just screams when I put her back in the cage. I have another conure, cockatiels and budgies and they're fine with any amount of out of cage time.

She has so many toys, shares her cage with the other conure, a month ago I upgraded her cage to a bigger one and I give her foraging toys so I find it difficult to believe that she's just bored. She's not hormonal, unless screaming is the only symptom. I know she isn't hormonal as I spent the first three years that I had her with her being hormonal. I finally fixed her issues over the summer and she's really sweet now, apart from the screaming at me. She does it out of her cage as well sometimes and stops when I talk to her, but then starts up again if I stop talking to her. She was a breeder bird before I got her if that sheds any light on things. She finds it difficult to engage in things and will do something for a second before moving on but I know that's just conure behaviour. The other day she spent about half an hour ripping up a cardboard box which is the longest I've ever seen her do anything. Even with foraging toys she plays and eats a little bit and then screams even if she's still hungry.

At this point it's driving me crazy. Am I doing something wrong with her? Is this just her forever? I brought her in and two hours later she's only just stopped screaming, but I think she's about to start again. She was quiet for about 20 minutes to eat.

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