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Jul 19, 2012
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Blue Fronted Amazon
Hi, new to this forum. I have a 24 year old Blue Fronted Amazon Female and other then my Dad owning her first; I am the only other 'owner'.

Originally she belonged to my dad, but as i moved out, i got her. So i am very used to her behavioral actions. She is never really been an aggressive bird - even during mating season - unless she gets really hyped up. If you need to know any more information that might help me let me know! Apologize for explanation being long upfront!

This mating season is driving me crazy! Usually she has her mating season sometime between February-April, its pretty calm, and she wants the odd clucking but I try and avoid "clucking" her. She has never laid an egg.

My parents have been taking care of her while I have been gone traveling for a month, and just recently got her back. She all of a sudden is back on to thinking its mating season again. With my parents she was fine and this wasn't happening with them.

I try and distract her with toys and exercise whenever she "assumes position"; however she has been masturbating way more then she usually does and its a constant i want to be clucked if you assume the position by sitting down next to her or sitting down with her on my shoulder. Shes worse when my bf walks in the room or is anywhere near her.

I have reduced starch and sugar's in her diet and clipped her wings - which usually helps. And I have looked on many sites but there mainly all about aggression during mating season and i need help just dealing and reducing the hormones. But if you can please think of anything else that might work to ease the clucking and hormones, that would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance! :green:
Welcome to the forum:)

I cant help with your problem as my Amazon is only 10 Months old, but you could send our Zon expert Henpecked a message and he will be able to advise you:)
You will have to send him a Visitors message as it will not allow you to send a PM until you have posted a certain amount.
Well i guess your working on the diet part, reducing excess fat and such, maybe having her flighted would help with the exercise part,but not the flying around being a pain in the fanny. I have similar issues with a longtimes hen YN who is a pet, when i'm gone for awhile,when ever i return home she has a tenancy to get hormonal after a few days. No bitey or anything ,just wants sex. I deal with it and don't encourage her, I can see it coming and try to distract her if possible. Don't know what else to do. She will masturbate on my arm but i don't allow it, if need be i return her to her perch. It passes after a few weeks but still happens several times during the year,only worse in the spring/early summer. Wish i had a magic answer but i don't. I can see it with the breeder birds,it's not just about having babies,it's a bonding thing with them, sort of like preening each other. Maybe our pets also use it as a bonding behavior.
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