1. Playful Sunday.jpeg

    Playful Sunday.jpeg

    Chico playing in his playtree. Killing that bell!
  2. Parotteer

    Is this way of playing with my parrot okay?

    Hello. Good morning from the Netherlands. Chico is my one year old Amazon who's been with me for about a month now. We're getting along really well and we're having a great time together. Chico is very playful and I like that very much. He has lots of things he can play with. He also likes to...
  3. Parotteer

    Chico tests which nuts he likes best

    Chico has been with me for about a month now and I'm still looking for that, one treat to rule them all. Which I can then use to reward him with. And ... because it's just fun watching him eat ;-)
  4. 8FEA023C-6774-48D6-BB17-47DDCEED2635.jpeg


    You need help with doing those dishes???
  5. I

    Still researching, want some opinions!

    Hi everyone, I’m sure some of you have seen posts I’ve made about many parrot species as im researching all my options! I’ve come to the forums today to get some opinions about my compatibility with a couple species These are: African greys (timneh mostly) Eclectus Amazons Hahns macaws Meyers...
  6. I

    adopting an amazon in the future?

    this all came up as i was searching for adoptable birds on a site like craigslist and came across many birds who i would, given the opportunity drop everything to go and get them out of their current situation. now bear with me lol hypothetically (im a big hypotheticals person lol) if the...
  7. A

    New bird owner?

    Hi, my names katy and I’ve been thinking about getting a bird but I need some help on which one to get? I’ve already done a couple years of research and am well aware that birds aren’t as what is seen online though they do have their moments. I know they bite and get hormonal and that you need...
  8. 6

    Rehoming Blue Fronted Amazon in Brooklyn, NY

    Rehoming Tame and Trained Blue Fronted Amazon because I need to size down. Believed to be a female of roughly 2-3 years. As far as Amazons go, she is on the quiet side, and not very aggressive. Steps up, turns around, and raises her foot on command. Says "hello," "hi," and occasionally calls...
  9. S

    Getting my first Amazon! Help!

    Hi! I am getting my first Amazon but she won’t be ready for about 7 weeks or so still. I was told I should get my Amazon in the same sex as my galah because they are different species, is there a reason for this? Is it even true? Just want to do right by my birds. also what is the best size...
  10. Jephta Bernstein

    Cage for Sale!

    Just became a new member! Excited to find so many bird lovers in one place. I need to sell my beautiful corner cage --- moving to a smaller house and need to rehome THE CAGE. Keeping the bird. :) Corner bird cage, 31.75" x 31.75" square cage (measured without seed guard) with front corner...
  11. N

    I really need some advice!!!

    ***A BIRD NET! Don't know why this has never occurred to me before! Any thoughts or advice on these?*** I've posted on here previously about my adopted rescue Amazon Hamish. He's 28 years old (I've been told but no ring to confirm this) and he's a very 'difficult' bird. 'Difficult' in this case...
  12. O

    Hello all!

    Hello my name is Oli and I am a total newbie as a bird owner. ( used to have a dog but he died at age 14 earlier this year >__<) A lovely 1-year-old Mealy Amazon - Yuri :green: , joins my family about 10 days ago! I have joined a short course for parrot owners, and did a lot of research on...
  13. Bomber Yna

    Bomber Yna

    26 Year old Male Yellow Nape Amazon
  14. Bomber Yna

    Bomber Yna

    This is Bomber a male 26 yr old YNA. I hate to admit this, but he is my favorite, we always say "don't tell the others". I know from his previous owner that he was a hand fed/hand raised as a baby. He's been with me over 20 years.
  15. B

    Potential Amazon adoption advice

    Hi, Hopefully I posted this right! Long story short, I potentially might be adopting a male amazon. He's been trying to find a home for a very long time, and no luck. I feel like I would be a good fit for him and he badly needs a home. This would all be done as safely as possible with covid...
  16. H

    Help! Green Amazon laid an egg after boarding

    So, I have had to put my green amazon parrot in a bird boarding facility for the first time since I've had her (12 years). She was there for just under 3 weeks and they put her cage open in a larger cage, in between a macaws cage and a couple of cockatoos. They were not in the same cage but were...
  17. Charlie


    Charile is a red Lored Amazon
  18. B

    Bitey, Shoulder-Loving, 40yr old YNA Rescue. HELP

    Ok so I’m a first time bird owner of a 40 year old rescued YNA. He was a three year resident at the rescue I volunteer for and sadly everyone was afraid of him. After a few months we began an unlikely friendship and eventually I was the only one who could work with him. I took him home about...
  19. B

    First time owner of a 40 year old Amazon!

    :greenyellow: Hi my name is Alicia, I’m a first time bird owner but have been a volunteer at an exotic bird rescue for about a year now. I originally wanted a macaw but have fallen in love with a big Yellow naped Amazon named Alec who was born in 1980. He was at the rescue for three years and...
  20. P

    Buy Amazon in Ireland

    Hi All I have been interested in parrots for some years now and I think I would like to dive in an purchase one of the amazon species but am at a loss as to where I can find a good breeder to purchase from. I would be happy to travel over seas to find a good breeder or is it possible to find...