1. B

    should I get my anxious alexandrine a friend?

    there is quite a story here, but I only want to do what is best for my bird and don't know what that is!! I have a female Alex I got in November, she was 3 months old (I think??) when I got her. I took her to the vet to be checked up, and it became clear I had a very abused bird. I could list...
  2. C

    My Eclectus Refuses Fresh! What do I do?

    I've had my female Eclectus for about 6 months now. She is 4 years old. Her previous owner said she was given fresh all the time, but everything I offer her (and I've tried everything!) she just throws at the bottom of her cage where it spoils, and I remove it. The only veggie I've gotten her...
  3. S

    Question about breeding parakeet

    I adopted two parakeets from a neighbor. Male and female. There was a breeding box already in the cage and I found out the female had laid an egg! I’m not too familiar with birds as I am a new bird owner (I’m learning quickly). She is on a good diet (seeds, pellets, veggies and mineral block). I...
  4. P

    Clipped feathers

    Hi guys, I am concerned about one of my teil, named Jazzy. She is not able fly, but can glide within room. She is with me for 3 months. I noticed some of her flight feathers are clipped and have not grown in 3months. Does it take that much time? She eats mostly seed.
  5. M

    Thinking about getting a female / are they really bad?

    Hi all, I've been thinking recently about getting a female eclectus to keep my male company. But i've read very mixed things about the females, as most of you will know they are not the reccomended eclectus in most cases. Now i get that they tend to be more dominant and nippy but is it really...
  6. I

    Red Bellied Parrot or Senegal

    Hi all, I'm looking for a female Red Bellied Parrot or a female Senegal. I am looking for a baby, preferably just recently weaned. I am located in Sacramento, CA. If the breeder is in driving distance it would be much preferred. I might also be interested in a young adult, so please don't...
  7. E

    SI Hen - Balding Spot? NOT PLUCKING

    hello Everyone - Seeking any input or possible information regarding my dear girls developing bald spot. I've never had an Ekkie before so I am unfamiliar with visual signs and whether they may indicate cause for concern or if this is part of a normal molting process.... She is ~ 5-6 months old...
  8. N

    Eclectus Pair to a good home

    Hello all, Today I am posting in hopes of finding a good home for my pair of Eclectus parrots. I have (Yogi) a 4 year old male Solomon Islands and (Ruby) a 16 year oldfemale VosMaeri. Ruby came to live with us after her original owner died of cancer after years of treatment that left Ruby...
  9. I

    Opinions on female budgies?

    I've recently been looking into getting another budgie. I visited the petstore and played with the hand-fed babies. And one female budgie was super friendly, she'd hop up to any hand that was within six inches of her! I've been rethinking some of the stereotypes I've associated with females...
  10. S

    Female white capped Pionus sexual maturity

    Hi guys, for the past few weeks I have been building a relationship with my darling Suki. She is about 1 year old. I have read and tried finding new information on how female Pionus parrots become at sexual maturity . Now Suki still has a little ways to go before she reaches that point in her...
  11. S

    Suki, my first and new white capped Pionus

    I am thrilled to have my first pet parrot in my life. She is a white capped Pionus and her name is Suki. She is such a sweet heart, although she is only 1 year old, things could change but I hope not. Suki is like velcro. She follows me everywhere, always wants to be with me. I never...
  12. F

    Female Eclectus... Limited potential???

    Hi all, I am new here and really looking forward to the insight of others who know what its like living with a parrot ! Heres my story, Ill try to make it short and spare you the dramatics. Two and a half years ago I adopted a female Eclectus who I named Coco. She was 4 years old...
  13. K

    Cockatiel egg laying and diarrhea?!

    My cockatiel lays many unfertelized eggs and because of this she has smelly diarrhea. Even when she is not laying much eggs, the poop is not healthy and is big and watery... My mom tells me that I should give her away but there's obviously no one who would want a bird like that. I don't know...
  14. C

    Are female red-lored amazons loud?

    I'm meeting someone tomorrow to pick up a female red-lored amazon, and the current owner promised me that the parrot will be quiet. According to him, she will not go on screaming fits as I know most parrots are known to do. Are female red-lored amazons generally loud or quiet? By LOUD, what I...
  15. greenthii

    Names for male cockatiel? (Pearl)

    I'm getting a Pearl Cockatiel on Friday and he's multicolored. I'm having trouble looking for a name for him. I'm considering "Mango" one of the names I will be naming him but I'd like suggestions. (: Any names? I'm also getting a female grey cockatiel and she's going to be named Peaches.:grey:
  16. A

    What Is My Parrot Trying To Say?

    My Eclectus parrot likes to sit and watch me, but while she's doing that, sometimes she likes to act like she's chewing without any food, and grind her beak in between. Also, there's another thing she does where she take say, her right foot and her right wing and raises them together and stands...
  17. veimar

    Cockatiel - male or female?

    Hello again, I've been thinking of a cockatiel for a while and was doing my research. I read a lot of information about tiels, and I sort of understood from what I have read that females are prone to be egg-bound and other diseases while the males tend to be more healthy. And also that...
  18. Z

    Green stripes on my Female Eclectus

    I got her at 2 weeks old. She will be 2 years old on June 21st 2014. She weaned and eats Zupreme pellets just fine. Fruity kind. As well as fruits and veggies. Starting a few months ago she started getting green "Spots" on her back. She does not pluck and her behavior has not changed. Could she...
  19. NeverBroken

    Advice on Female U2's first(?) Breeding season

    So Miss Lola's been home with us 3 weeks now, and was an absolute doll the first two weeks. She and I got along great, but she adored my husband right from the start- even though she spent most of her time with me, as I work from home and he leaves for work each day. The last owners said she was...
  20. J

    LuLu bit my sister... HARD!

    So lulu seems to tolerate everyone in the house although she won't step up for anyone except me, unless she just is desperate to leave where she is (i.e. when she is on the floor or on an awkward angle on a perch). Well about an hour ago my sister (9 yrs old) and I were sitting on the floor...