Disabled retired looking for talking parrot or parrot needing rehab as 24/7 companion.


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Feb 1, 2024
I'm disabled, retired and looking for a talking companion, conure, green headed, IRN, African, etc to be my 24/7 companion.
I'm disabled we d and retired. Home 24/7 except doctor days 2x a month. I lost my elderly conure about a year ago. I'm miss her so much. We sat together, argued about everything, ate together, watched tv together and she taught me many tricks and games. I'm looking for a conure, IRN, yellow headed, cockatoo, African etc to be my companion. I've had 2 parrots in my life,, African and pineapple conure. Both were rescues and both stay with me all their lives. I've tamed and rehabbed friends birds and 3 from a shelter in AZ. I know parrots. I have a $150. a month allowance thru part C of medicare for pet food, toys, treats. So this bird can live in style with me all day. Only in cage at night to sleep. I can't apples the cost of buying or rehome fee. I live with my daughter in a master bedroom. I rarely see her but she loves parrots too. She works too much! So, I can offer an experienced, loving, out of cage , parrot proofed home for your friend. I hope someone considers me. I live near Kemah/galveston Tx in League City. Thank you for reading this. Cindy

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