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Dec 28, 2014
Greater Orlando area, Florida
JoJo, 'Special' GCC, Bongo, Cinnamon GCC(wife's)
Be interesting to see if I delete this or post it because right now I'm still not sure!
I have been hanging with an awesome Amazon girl about seven years old. She has been staying at a place called Irish trails, a feeding grain store in Clermont for a while now. This place has a real heart for birds and does everything it can to help find them new homes. My JoJo is from there.
Well yesterday, I took my daughter there to meet this Amazon goddess, and she overwhelmed me by crawling to the bottom of her cage so I could give her head scretches and she kept offering her foot to me! I was really overwhelmed!
On a side note, I think it was an act of God, I stopped in, because, while I was crouched down with her, I got attacked by fire ants! They had just invaded her cage and would have easily killed her! Visit cut short, baby whisked off, but safe!
An I avoiding dreaded MBS? Or, do I have SBS (single bird syndrome)?
I have 5 children, and I so clearly remember child #1, I was so involved, I was afraid I would consider child #2 as a trespasser, stealing from #1!
Easy solution, one of us(you) sweeps up this baby and gives her a well deserved home!

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