Final project, check this out!


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May 16, 2011
North Carolina
My lovely little Black Cap Conure, Lucy (in the sky with diamonds) <3
As a few of you know, I'm a college student majoring in graphic communications. This year, we tried out a new class on packaging and structural engineering (yeah, I have no idea how it correlates but ANYWAYS) and I was one of the ginuea pigs haha. I posted a thread asking for ideas and while they were all FANTASTIC I finally thought of one one my own that I thought would be relatively simple.. man was I wrong! Anyways, I suffered and struggled though calculations and geometric induced headaches and mathematical comas.... and came up with a nice little prototype for Lucy, she'll get it tomorrow :) I might design and make one for Bleu too...

I created a paperboard gravity feeder :) It has little holes in the bottom to shake out the crumbs by tapping the sides lightly. I think the holes might be a little too big for Lucy's mini pellets, but it'll do the job it's intended to for the most part :) Now I just have to create a powerpoint presentation and turn it in for a grade. Lucy WILL be making a grande appearace in my packaging class for this presentation! haha <3 I love taking my little green chicken to class lol :green1:

This is the front, look, it even has her name! : )

This is the bottom, with the "wiffle" holes for sifting pellet dust


This is the back, the little tabs fold out to hook onto the side of the cage


This is a side view just cause haha


There's one tab that holds the front closed and little tabs that keep the whole thing together, it's pretty sturdy, I feel like a conure could sit on it without breaking or tearing it. The top opens up to put food in and closes with a tab too. And the best part is that it's made of paper, so Lucy can tear it up as much as she wants and I can just throw it away or recycle it.

Thanks for reading!
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ooh, and the thing in the back is my fifth prototype. This final one is my sixth lol I actually went through 8 prototypes (the first ones I labeled A and B since they were drafts just put together with paper and tape haha)

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