Freestanding perch caused feather plucking


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Dec 26, 2019
Hi folks. I came here a few months back for help and want to give an update in case it helps someone else. My Congo female started plucking her chest and stomach bald, sometimes causing bleeding wounds. I tried everything including Haldol, but she continued to get worse. Finally I figured out it started when I'd bought her a freestanding perch, placing her on it a few hours a day. When I got rid of it and returned to leaving the cage door open so she could go in and out at will, the self-mutilating immediately stopped. Several months later, she's regrown most of her feathers. Unfortunately the easy-going bird I've had since she hatched 33 years ago is now easily stressed by things that never used to bother her. Car rides, noisy motorcycles outside, and being kept up too late now result in a few plucked feathers. Maybe the Haldol is what changed her personality, I don't know. Sorry I tried it.


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Jul 11, 2018
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Any new environmental stressors or unfamiliar object can send a sensitive bird into a tailspin...a new couch could do the same..You have to introduce VERY slowly and be aware that it could stress them out. Birds will pluck over divorce, new furniture, re-arranged furniture, new's something you must always be aware of during any transitional phase. I dk anything about the med you mentioned, but any environmental change should always be addressed before medication is used. Glad you figure it out though!
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Jan 3, 2020
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Sorry to hear your grey is stressing easily is, but yay for figuring out what caused the plucking. Some people are never able to figure out why their bird plucks. Mine has been a plucker off and on for at least 5 years according to his previous owner. I think he maybe plucked 3 feathers since we have had him (9 weeks) and I am thrilled to report he currently has a neck full of pin feathers! Hopefully we are providing him the happy enriching home he needed to stop plucking.

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