1. J

    Amazon plucking another Amazon

    Hi everyone, We have a longtime Blue fronted Amazon pair, both are females and the older (23 years old) is plucking the younger (7 years old) whenever they preen each other and are close to each other. They have been together for almost 7 years. They used to be at the living room, getting a...
  2. mocha

    Is my bird plucking??

    So I’ve started to take note of how my bird is molting and I realized that he makes little screeching noises when he’s preening a specific spot and then I find that he’s playing with a small down feather in his mouth. He doesn’t have any bald spots and he looks relaxed while he’s doing it. He...
  3. X

    What can i do to help my plucking lovebird?

    Hi, I have an 8 year old peach-faced lovebird who has a feather-plucking habit that started suddenly when he was 1. We took him to the vet and she said that it's not anything medical but rather he was hormonal and without a mate, he was sexually frustrated and therefore resorted to plucking. She...
  4. M

    Concerned my CAG has started plucking :(

    Concerned my CAG has started plucking :( Advice please. My CAG Zelda is just over 2 years old. Always very happy and active. I make sure she has lots of out-of-cage time and plenty of interaction, and when she is in her cage she has a variety of toys for chewing and foraging. I also give...
  5. E

    Sun Conure wearing cone, obsessed with plucking/mutilating

    this is gonna be a long post but I've been needing some help on this issue. Beforehand I would like to say that if this isn't informative enough, I wrote my specific observations with environment and my bird on paper for my vet to see. if anyone is interested in reading that, I will scan it and...

    Molting or plucking??

    Hello everybody Everything was very normal, Kiwi started to preen very normally and I wasn't really worried so I left the room for a couple minutes and when I came back I found a feather. I started to panic, because I thought he was plucking and I worried about what I was doing to stress him...
  7. B

    GCC plucking, overpreening, or off-season molting?

    I am "boarding" GCC Kona for a few months while her owner is abroad. She has been losing feathers since (and before) she arrived with me, even though it's not time for her usual molt according to her owner. She was with someone else for ~3 weeks before coming to me, and that person really...
  8. A

    African grey feather problem :(

    My African grey has been over preening and I find a lot of down like feathers on the floor (not big ones). Her feathers look droopy and she’s constantly itching herself and looks uncomfortable when itching. I think she may have mites as the vet said that she’s completely healthy. I doubt it’s a...
  9. C

    3 neglected parrots

    Hi I regularly visit Birmingham Botanical gardens (UK), they have a few parrots. I’m really concerned about 3; 2 macaws and 1 cockatoo, 1 macaw has plucked its tail out and the cockatoo is on his own, he used to have a female companion who has passed away (a few months ago I think). His chest...
  10. P

    Feather plucking and diarrhea

    Hi everyone! I am a feather mom of three. I have a green cheek and cinnamon conure and a budgie. My green cheek has always had light feather plucking issues that never fully go away. He gets better then goes right back to plucking. I’m spending quarantine with my parents and they live in WA...
  11. X

    Plucking and Frustrated

    Hello, Marco is my Quaker Parrot. He/She is around 1.5-2 years old and we’ve had him for about a year. Marco has been kept in a huge cage with two other lovebirds, and they’ve gotten along pretty well! About two weeks ago, one lovebird spontaneously died (appeared paralyzed one morning then died...
  12. M

    Is my CAG moulting or plucking?

    Hello, Zelda, my CAG, just turned 1 year old in April. so I think she is currently going through her first moult. Sometimes though I am alarmed at the number of feathers at the bottom of the cage. Sometimes there are more, sometimes less. Sometimes she likes to have a play and chew on a...
  13. A

    Melting or plucking

    Hi I’ve had my conure for a few months now, and he has recently started what I thought to be molting. He has a few pin feathers on his head and around his tail feathers, but his chest is incredibly patchy and I feel as though he is plucking it. I would love Dome advice on this
  14. S

    Freestanding perch caused feather plucking

    Hi folks. I came here a few months back for help and want to give an update in case it helps someone else. My Congo female started plucking her chest and stomach bald, sometimes causing bleeding wounds. I tried everything including Haldol, but she continued to get worse. Finally I figured out it...
  15. Mammad

    My Umbrella plucking

    My Umbrella is plucking hi everyone, sorry for my bad english :D its my 3rd language my 3 years old umbrella (Casper) is cutting his feathers to small pieces for more than 3 months now, took him to the vet tested for mite, worms, salmonella and skin diseases all came negative and his blood test...
  16. S

    Plucking cockatiel?

    hello. I hope I`m posting this in the right place. do you think my bird is plucking, or maybe injured? His wing has a bald spot. I`ll attach an image :yellow1::confused:
  17. S

    Is my bird plucking?

    I noticed that my bird has a bald spot, do you think he’s plucking or injured? he doesn’t seem to be in any pain. :yellow1::confused:
  18. B

    is he overpreening or plucking (vet appt already made) what should I ask vet (PIC)?

    His appointment is on Tuesday, please send good thoughts :15:. My GCC Leo is about 2 years old (hatch day around mid Feb 2018). I don't know his sex for sure but just refer to him as a boy. His diet is mostly pellets/seeds with limited fruit (oranges, apples, raspberries, blueberries). I am...
  19. F

    I need help

    I own a year old red collared lorikeet and have a few problems. He has been more than well for the majority of the time i have owned him, he played and was great with me in specific. But starting a few weeks ago he has been really distant, not leaving the cage, nor engaging with me or any of my...
  20. L

    Do my parrots gets sad or stressed because I am? (Plucking)

    I've been having a really hard time lately, and the other day was the worst. I broke down crying and all, and I usually keep it in. Both of my parrotlets were around when I did. My parrotlet I've had for a while now doesn't seem phased and is fine, but my baby parrotlet I've had for a few months...