1. creams0da

    Help! Lovebird pulling feathers

    Hi , I’m new to the forum! Thanks for all your reading and suggestions. Garlic is my one-and-a-half-year-old female love bird. One day at the end of September last year, she suddenly pulled out all the feathers on her neck and chest, and since then, she has insisted on pulling out the feathers...
  2. R

    Parrotlet overplucking

    Hello, I have an 11 year old Parrotlet who began overplucking her feathers around November of 2023, and its only gotten worse since. The top reasons we saw when we looked it up were stress or malnutrition, so we put her mainly on pellets and only gave her seed every two days or so. She lived...
  3. biggestboy

    Ringneck plucked himself bald due to allergies...

    Posting on here cause I'm really bummed out about my parrot. He's 5 going on 6. This was one of the major things I was always hyper vigilant about in regards to my parrot. Noticed immediately he was plucking (he started with his back/under wing area). He has since then plucked everywhere...
  4. Nao

    Please help :( quaker parrot feather plucking

    Hi! I'm new here in the forum, because I have a rescued quaker parrot, and I'm having some trouble with her. She's been with me for two years now, and I've noticed every late spring-summer so far she starts to bite and cut bits off her wings and tail. I took her to the only vet in town that...
  5. Rico_Tiel

    Is my cockatiel Plucking?

    Is Rico plucking? I noticed it the other day.
  6. Rico_Tiel

    Please tell me this is NOT what I think it is…

    So, a day or two ago, I noticed this patch of down exposed and knowing Rico has a history of plucking, I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume he is plucking his feathers again. Is it what I think? Should I put a cone on him? His checkup is soon (June 17th)
  7. L

    Lovebird plucking her own feathers 😥

    My lovebird start plucking her own feathers 3 days ago..and now her back is bald.. I dont know what causes it but she seems to have been scratching her own ears alot.. we dont have vet here in my country..anybody knows how to help her
  8. R

    Molting or plucking??

    Does this look like molting or plucking??
  9. Hatzegopteryx4578

    My bird is preen excessively which is concerning

    As some of you may know my male budgie had recently lost his sister because she had to be euthanised. I started seeing more down feathers fall from his as the days have gone by, I’ve also see his excessive behaviour to preen his back and chest. I’ve tried to give him more attention than usual...
  10. A

    Plucking Help !!

    Hi I'm new here but my issue is with my rock pebbler. Recently she has developed the tendency to itch ALOT. I have taken her to the vet and they said she's fine and gave her a shot for any potential mites or parasites. This stopped for a time but it returned again, but it's gotten worse. The...
  11. H

    Specific and odd plucking pattern for half unsheathed pinfeathers

    Hi. My magnificent and otherwise happy CAG Alexander began plucking at age 20. I read through a lot of possibilities and some bathroom work/renovation meant he was no longer on the shower rail to (perhaps?) have the steam soften feathers with the family. We went back to that and tried misting...
  12. T

    Plucking Cockatiel

    Hey guys, I have a 2 1/2 year old female cockatiel who started plucking around 5 months ago. She only plucks under her wings, above the tail feathers, and in the lower half of her chest. I’ve done quite a lot of research about this and wanted to see if there is something you guys could...
  13. A

    Major issues with quaker

    I have a one year old grey quaker. He was perfectly fine except the breeder sold him to me with chamydia.. which was medicated. I moved back in April and the movers were delayed so he was stuck in a small cage til they arrived and he started barbing his feathers. Now it’s plucking. He plucked...
  14. R

    Plucked/Lost tail feather

    Hey all! Rocky is just shy of six months old and has already been molting for a couple of weeks now. Tonight she was sitting with me, and when I got up to put her to bed I noticed this tail feather sitting on the ground at my feet. Rocky is particularly clumsy when it comes to climbing and has...
  15. S

    Plucking feathers after changing diet from sunflower seeds to mixed birdfood

    This is our first time owning a pet and we’ve had a pineapple conure for 4 years. We’ve only recently discovered that a daily diet of sunflower seeds is very bad for him, he only eats a few a day since we feed him fresh fruit and veg etc daily. Since learning this we’ve changed his food to mixes...
  16. D

    Feathers lost over 2 nights??

    So I have two princess parrots, and am having a very unusual issue out of nowhere. The two live in the same cage, and have plenty of time to fly around the house. But yesterday, I uncovered the cage, and the green one (Quro) was missing almost all of her back feathers. The feathers were ALL over...
  17. J

    Amazon plucking another Amazon

    Hi everyone, We have a longtime Blue fronted Amazon pair, both are females and the older (23 years old) is plucking the younger (7 years old) whenever they preen each other and are close to each other. They have been together for almost 7 years. They used to be at the living room, getting a...
  18. mocha

    Is my bird plucking??

    So I’ve started to take note of how my bird is molting and I realized that he makes little screeching noises when he’s preening a specific spot and then I find that he’s playing with a small down feather in his mouth. He doesn’t have any bald spots and he looks relaxed while he’s doing it. He...
  19. X

    What can i do to help my plucking lovebird?

    Hi, I have an 8 year old peach-faced lovebird who has a feather-plucking habit that started suddenly when he was 1. We took him to the vet and she said that it's not anything medical but rather he was hormonal and without a mate, he was sexually frustrated and therefore resorted to plucking. She...
  20. M

    Concerned my CAG has started plucking :(

    Concerned my CAG has started plucking :( Advice please. My CAG Zelda is just over 2 years old. Always very happy and active. I make sure she has lots of out-of-cage time and plenty of interaction, and when she is in her cage she has a variety of toys for chewing and foraging. I also give...