Funny parrot Music...

Auggie's Dad

Dec 28, 2007
South Hadley MA
Auggie: Dusky Conure
Interesting. I've been thinking about getting some bird music for Auggie.

I have noticed he reacts with the most interest to bird sounds, even when it is a parrot mimicking a different sound. For example, there's a video of a bird mimicking a camera and chain saw; had I not known where it came from I could not identify whether a given sound came from a bird or from a camera/chain saw. Yet Auggie (my conure) reacted to the mimicking bird, but not the natural sound.

While I have not tested this thoroughly it indicates that there is something to their (birds') vocal pattern that we don't hear yet they can recognize. Their ears are different than ours, and do sense different frequencies, but what it is they identify as "bird" versus "not-bird" is still unknown.

Anyhow, to your music. While I found it pleasant Auggie did not react to it any differently than he would any other soft music. The exception to this is the intro to Kva-Kva and a few isolated background sounds of the first song which were the natural bird sounds.

If I were to get any music for my bird I'd be looking for those actual bird sounds to be more significant. Perhaps you could get actual bird calls to put through a synthesizer to play the melody, rather than artificial wave-forms.

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