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Aug 7, 2018
Blue fronted amazon, lutin cockatiel, agapornis fischer...
Hello, I'm new in this forum.
I have already owned parrots, so i'm not a first time owner, but right now i'm quite a bit LOST.
I'm considering in getting a parrot in september more or less and i really don't know which one to get.
I moved and i'm living in an appartment so i have tons of neighbours, thats why my main concern is the noise level they can make.
I heard that green cheek conures as well as meyers and senegal parrots are not so noisy. So i would like to hear from you which one do you think is the best for me. Thanks!
If you have any other idea of a not too noisy parrot i'd like to hear about it!!
By the way I'm Jousze, spanish and 21 years old.
Hello! Thanks for reaching out, welcome!

I have no experience with any of the species you mentioned but I know that green cheeks are known to be more on the quieter side.

Whatever the case, know that ALL birds make some noise, particularly at dawn and dusk, and if left alone for long periods of time every day can develop behavioral problems such as excessive screaming. So it also depends on your schedule. I only ever suggest getting a parrot when you have your own stable income, transportation and the time.

I own cockatiels and they are great birds! They do make noise but nothing loud enough for neighbors to complain about (i live in a duplex). They have lots of personality and are easy to train, keep tame and would be good for an apartment.
I can't speak much about the Meyers and Senegal, but if you want a super sweet, funny, cuddly, smart little-ish parrot that is less noisy than most larger parrots, GCC is the one for you. I LOVE my GCC Yoda. :)

Be warned that all parrots will make noise though. Green Cheeks are less likely to cause problems with your neighbors, but they do call out when they are in their cage wondering where you are. Being smaller, their calls aren't as loud as Sun Conure, Amazons, and larger birds at least. If you keep your bird on a typical day/night cycle, chances are your bird would only be calling out and making noise during the day.
Good thoughts above!

Are there any rescues near you? You could volunteer or visit, and see what chemistry developes, and which bird you click with (in addition to helping a bird in need).

A nearby Avian Vet will be a must, in any event, ad might advise you about breeders/rescues/birds needing a new home. Here's a link.
Regular vets often "wing it" with birds, although some are very caring.

Good for you for joining us. I'm glad you're here.
I have *never* heard a senegal scream, only whistle.
(but I've never kept one myself- so do not listen to me! Only met about 3 sofar.)

LOL@ cockatiels not being noisy: it's reason number one they get kicked out of houses here. (Just like lovebirds: you hear them half a block away when there is poor soundisolation/ cheap buildings/ shared airvents).
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Thanks to everyone!
So then, you guys think that either green cheeks or senegals would be a good choice??
I thought in adopting so i'm going to check your link!

(I still not knowing how to use this forum) :D lol
Welcome to the forums, Jousze! I don't have experience with any of your preferred species, but know many members have wonderful GCCs.

What sort of parrots have you had?
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I’ve had an Amazon that I adopted (she was 30+ y/o) and suddenly one day she stopped eating and not too late after that she died.. we tried medicines and everything and nothing worked.
Then I had 2 cockatiels, I left them with their cage outside because inside it was way TOO hot and I still not know if it’s my dog or the wind who made the cage fall, one of them flew away and never came back, and the other died after that.. I have the feeling she got depressed or something.. (they where 5 and 7 years old)
And for the moment I have a lovebird, has 2 years old and he’s so kind, he likes to fly near the dog and bite his ears [emoji23][emoji23]

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