1. A

    Abnormal faeces in my Sun Parakeet

    Hello, I have seen today some strange faeces in my parrot, being extremely liquid and greenish. Attached photo. Normally it is more solid and with normal colouring. His behaviour is the same as always, he has clean water and a diet rich in nuts, dried fruits, some seeds, apples, bananas and...
  2. M

    African grey personality

    The desire of having an African gery for company is growing stronger and stronger and I have been doing some research on Youtube and the forums. I have couple more questions that I'd like to get some input and thank you in advance. I know that every bird has its own personality and one should...
  3. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teekos protection issues..

    I need some advice to help Teeko stop being so protective...Teeko is very loving toward me and wants to be by my side everywhere and anywhere at all times of the day. I love his attention as much as he loves mine and my wife's. But..the downside is he OVER protective. If anyone comes in my...
  4. M

    Indian ring neck or African ring neck?

    Indian ring neck or African ring neck? I got Kiko when he was almost 1 month old and his beak was kind of bright. He’s 4 months old now. Can anyone please help me out. Ps: I have an Indian ring neck named peeko he’s an adult (I got him as an adult 1 year ago) and he checks out every details...
  5. ZorroKnowsAll


  6. L

    Please help. Burnt plastic fumes

    About 3-4 hours ago we had a cooking accident where plastic tongs were left on a burner and they started smoking and melted. They weren’t burning for long but the whole house smelled like it. Now it smells significantly less than earlier and can only be smelled when you first enter the house. I...
  7. A

    Wing flipping/twitching Maximilian pionus, help!

    So I’ve had my lil guy for about 9 months now, and he’s the sweetest little bird. He’s a little over a year old, and he’s never had any sort of weird behaviour until now. This morning I noticed he was flipping his wings, and I immediately got worried and kept a closer eye on him. He hasn’t...
  8. Libbi24

    Getting the right Parrot for me

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone had any personal opinions on parrots that may be the best fit for my lifestyle. I have previous experience with large birds such as African Greys and Alexandrines (He was my first parrot who sadly passed away a year ago due to a long term illness) Since my...
  9. RingneckRave

    Show me your silly birds!

    Show me your silliest bird pics (or videos) of your birds being/looking like a goofy head. I’ll go first. I'll post more in the replies soon-ish
  10. RingneckRave

    Bird pictures from botanical gardens

    Photo dump! Here are a bunch of pictures I took at Wagga Wagga botanical gardens NSW one time, can't remember when. It's so cool there, I suggest pop in if any of you Australians cross in through there, they have many birds. There was a female rainbow lorikeet, and I kept seeing different...
  11. RingneckRave

    RIngneck growing ring!!

    I am very excited, as only a few days ago I spotted some tiny black feathers underneath Bluey's chin. He's a boy! And he is going to grow a handsome black ring!! To be honest, I already figured he was a boy based on his behaviour, but now it is confirmed. Does anyone else remember when they...
  12. D

    2 Months Old IRN Likes to Chew my Hand

    Hello all, I got myself a IRN last friday. We are together for six days know. He or she is not afraid of me or other people, the bird is very calm, relax i think. When i get home from and enter the room it looks excited, runs in cage and wants to come out. I am freely handling it and feed it...
  13. pawpaw

    Pawpaw's Diary

    Hello everyone! I am Pawpaw, a teenager sun conure. Right now, I am staying in my house and feeling bored. I hate that vet, why did she say my human friend needed to leave me alone to rest for a week? A WEEK? I want to play with my friend! There are toys in my house, the swing is quite fun, but...
  14. C

    Can I Feed My Parrot Chicken Feed?

    I started a flock of chickens this year (they are outside, Misty is inside) and discovered that their Dumor Layer-Mix Granules is almost EXACTLY the same as the Zoopreme parrot pellets, and the Dumor Organic line of chicken feed is an even CLOSER match!! the only ingredients Zoopreme has that...
  15. kyladoodle

    Help! She laid an egg….

    Hey everybody. Miss Gizmo suprised me a couple of days ago with a small egg at the bottom of her cage. She appears to have a bit of egg butt going on - but still her usual self, being noisy, happy, eating and drinking which is great. I’m a little stressed though as I know female lories are prone...
  16. D

    A way to tone down aggression in a parrotlet

    I have one two year old pacific parrotlet. She is the only pet I have and I live alone with her, though I often have visitors. Most of the times, she is quite docile, though she is a bit destructive with household objects, when left to her own devices, but I think this is expected of any parrot...
  17. M

    Pineapple conure heavy breathing

    Hello everyone, I have a 1 yr and 6months old pineapple conure. It recently has been breathing heavily with its mouth open and tongue moving up and down for no reason the weather is good he has water food everything I’ve had him since he was 40 days old. Could someone please tell me whats...
  18. A

    Alexandrine behavior

    Hello everyone im new to this forum i have a question regarding my alexandrine He/she is 5 months old weaned and stopped making the baby cooing noises since it was 3 months old. These pst few days he/she has being doing them all the time. I really want to know why because the past two months...
  19. B

    African Grey Breeders/Rescues in Arizona?

    Hi, I have a friend who's looking to adopt an (preferably young or handleable) African Grey that's in the Phoenix, AZ area. I've only ever had budgies and small parakeets, so I was wondering if anyone has recommended places, stores, breeders, rescues, etc. to find an African Grey? She knows it's...
  20. Q

    Quaker parrots onion poisoning?

    Hi all, I have 2 male quaker parrots (1yo & 3yo). They have been eating a new frozen vegetable mix for the past 2-3 days. I only just noticed that the mix contains onion pieces. They have been leaving behind these pieces (thought they were cauliflower scraps or something before) in their bowl...