1. B

    African Grey Breeders/Rescues in Arizona?

    Hi, I have a friend who's looking to adopt an (preferably young or handleable) African Grey that's in the Phoenix, AZ area. I've only ever had budgies and small parakeets, so I was wondering if anyone has recommended places, stores, breeders, rescues, etc. to find an African Grey? She knows it's...
  2. Q

    Quaker parrots onion poisoning?

    Hi all, I have 2 male quaker parrots (1yo & 3yo). They have been eating a new frozen vegetable mix for the past 2-3 days. I only just noticed that the mix contains onion pieces. They have been leaving behind these pieces (thought they were cauliflower scraps or something before) in their bowl...
  3. UnknownParrotPoster

    Wanting to get a cockatiel (Cockatiel Questions)

    Hows It going? I know like this may sound like I am asking a lot, but could someone basically give a brief overview on everything a cockatiel needs? Like specific foods, what kind of care it needs per day (how much attention, how often to change the water), etc, and what could be dangerous for...
  4. A

    Questions on Toxic fumes for the parrot

    Hi, I don’t have a parrot yet but am trying to make sure I know everything on how to raise one. The one problem that has scared me the most is poisoning. I heard you cannot use nonstick materials or bleach or ammonia. Does this mean that they can’t be used in a certain proximity to the parrot or...
  5. A

    Looking for General tips on raising a parrot (more specifically an Amazon parrot)

    Hi, I am a student, and my mom told me before I could get a parrot, I need to know how to raise one perfectly before she can consider it. I am looking to find out the general needs of a parrot. I recently got interested in owning a parrot and know they require a lot of work, but I find them so...
  6. MyFeatheredFlock

    Where Can I Buy Macaw Eggs Without Getting Scammed?

    I’m trying to find somewhere that sells Macaw eggs, I recently got an incubator and wanted to hatch my own Macaw. Has anyone here ever bought parrots eggs? And if you have, where? I can’t find anywhere that seems legit online.
  7. bocabill

    My African Grey has owned me since 1981

    I have had the pleasure of being owned by my male African Grey since 1981.
  8. S

    My father's macaw passed away tonight due to egg binding. Did the vets give poor advice?

    Hello all. As the title states, my father's Blue and Gold Macaw, Mango, passed away today at the age of around 29 years old due to egg binding. I am writing this thread to ask for opinions on whether or not the veterinarians provided the right advice on how to handle Mango's health. I want to...
  9. P

    What color is he?

    I adopted this male recently and his previous owners said his color is called “placid” and that they think he is an albino. I’m suspicious though, because he does have a slight ring. In certain lighting he also has a blue tint to his feathers, but in general he just looks white to me. So I’m...
  10. S

    Lovebird clicking noise and tail vibrating (or bobbing im unsure)

    Hello! Does anyone know why my lovebird is doing this? Is this just a behavioural thing or does he have an illness? His tail moves up and down very fast like it’s vibrating and he would make clicking noises. He acts normal and is very active! Any thoughts? Thanks :)
  11. H

    My 2 Quaker parrot siblings want to Mate, what do i do?

    Hi everyone, as many of you know i found a nest of 3 quaker parrots without parents being around when they were just a week old, now they are 3 months old and beautiful and loving as ever, i have asked on this forum before if i should have seperated them while young so that they would be able to...
  12. 6

    Rehoming Blue Fronted Amazon in Brooklyn, NY

    Rehoming Tame and Trained Blue Fronted Amazon because I need to size down. Believed to be a female of roughly 2-3 years. As far as Amazons go, she is on the quiet side, and not very aggressive. Steps up, turns around, and raises her foot on command. Says "hello," "hi," and occasionally calls...
  13. 43FABB88-FF92-4193-AC90-E850FF18EAEA.MOV


  14. BellaLikesBirds

    Science Fair Parrot Project

    Hi, everyone, hope you’re doing well. I‘ve been studying parrots for a while now and have A flock of my own thsg I ckndsider my children and my best friends. Last year I based my high school science fair project off of birds, here’s the link That project of 2021 was based off of the cognitive...
  15. oliver_is_the_best_birb

    Should I get another bird?

    I have a GCC that is about to turn 1. I'm away from the house a lot for school and I'm scared he's getting lonely. Should I wait another year or so or just try now? And, what type of bird should I adopt, if I do get another?
  16. T

    Does anyone know what this is

    Recent just say this on my baby sun conure's crop
  17. Oli

    Rats and Rat Mites?

    A couple of days ago my landlord removed some rats from my attic. I know it's not unusual for rat mites to leave their host and search for a new one when the rats pass. I think I'm just being paranoid, and Juliets' not acting any different than usual, bit I'm curious of anyone has ever heard of...
  18. My bird

    My bird

    this is my bird at a local parrot cafe also I am looking for a way to connect two cages together because I have a spare cage.
  19. Z

    Caique diet/eating habits?

    Hi everyone, I have a 4/5 month old white bellied caique (i was under the impression that he was a bit older when i got him about a month ago). I ran out of nuts two days ago, which I usually incorporate with training, and now he has been eating a lot more vegetables, I feel like a bit too...
  20. Ferns cage

    Ferns cage

    I've been working on her cage for ages. I have given her Custom pearchs of different textures and widths made with maple wood and cleaned before being placed inside the cage. I need to get her some more smaller toys currently there is only 2-3 the rest will be ordered soon. I'm very proud of it!