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Aug 4, 2019
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I’m not totally sure how a bird’s weight should hold but Gemma’s seems to always change. Should the weight be stable?


The AR next to a time means around since I don’t always bring this log along with me to weigh Gemma. On the second day of that log, Gemma weighs nearly 10g more than the day before but on that date she got to try fruits that are not in her daily diet.
Sadly when I first got Gemma weighing her didn’t come to mind so the first time I weighed her it was a few weeks after. Although that is not in the log she weighed 150g. For some reason she put a lot of weight on.
I’m starting to think maybe this is her normal weight but when she was 150g that might have been because of stress from travel and coming into a new environment.
I am thinking she should loose a little bit of weight as I know caiques should be around 150g but I don’t know how to do that. As you see in the chart she is already loosing some weight from her unhealthy seed and fruit diet that she had before but I don’t know how to then keep balance.
Thank you to all who reply.:)
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Take your Parrot's weight each morning after its first moment and before food or water! Using this as your foundation will assure that you are obtaining a weight that has some chance of a steady result.

Note the date, and weight (in grams) and you can chart it or whatever.
Totally agree with Sailboat - it’s far easier to monitor weight if you catch them before they get a good meal into them in the morning. I’d start there and keep track of the weight for a bit before you start making diet changes. I tend to weigh mine once or twice a week as there are fluctuations from day to day and I don’t want to fixate on that. Has Gemma been to a vet? I ask because the vet will check body condition, which when taken in context with weight is a better indicator of over/under weight and will help guide decisions about diet.
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I am trying go get hold of a certified avian vet but there is not many around. I have found a brilliant avian vet service although that is very far away, I am trying to look for something closer.

I do currently weight my bird in the morning before she has anything to eat.
How long have you been tracking Gemma’s weight? It sounds like you’ve changed her diet, is that recent? Sometimes diet changes do take some time to settle out.

Where are you located? Do you have the avian vet search link to help narrow the search down? I sympathize with having trouble finding one - mine is 2 hours drive away.
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I have recently gotten her and have started this log 2 weeks and a few days ago. yes, I have changed her diet to vegetables in the morning and pellets in the evening with fruits, nuts and seeds through foraging and training.

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