giving meds to a conure.. help!


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Apr 15, 2013
I have a cinnamon green cheek that needs to get medication daily. I am going to be leaving for vacation in a few weeks and will have to leave my parents to administer the medication. When I handle her she is good, no biting and giving the medication in the syringe is easy. I wrap her in a towel and use a syringe. However my bird doesn't like to be touched by my parents. She will allow them to pet her through the cage but as far as putting their hand in the cage to touch her, or even when I have her out and they try to touch her she will try to bite them and goes crazy. Is there a way that I can show my parents how to give her meds not by the syringe? She is taking clomipramline.
If the medication only needs to be administered once a day, they could administer it after dark, where all the lights could be turned out & it would be very easy to catch and towel the bird, otherwise you'll probably need to get your parents and your feathered friend on closer terms...before you leave.....
Must these meds be administered by syringe? I have had some luck with giving meds by using a pretzel rod. Break a bit off, and soak the end with the meds. The bird will eat the pretzel, and get the meds. A long pretzel rod will keep fingers away from the beak. This does not always work, but, any food that will absorb the meds, and be eaten by the bird, will work.

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