1. S

    Online antibiotics?

    My bird (sun conure) has been showing some signs of respiratory issues (weird noise when he breaths) and is now having watery stools, i am unble to take him to the vet right now is there any broad antibiotics i can buy online that is safe and can help him?
  2. B

    Green cheek conure possible Bumblefoot

    Hello everyone, I’m reaching out today with deep concern for my 7-year-old green cheek conure. Recently, he’s been facing a severe issue with his left foot, and I’m desperately seeking advice and insights from fellow bird lovers. The Situation: • My conure can’t stand on his left foot...
  3. C

    meloxicam and baytril for lovebird

    My Vet has prescribed 1ml of baytril and 11/4 ml of meloxicam daily for my sick bird. Several people have told me this is too much and they only gave their sick birds 1 drop a day. I've also spent hours researching the dosage online and I cant find anyone that recommend such a high dose. The vet...
  4. SamBeben

    Bird hurt his foot, medicine?

    Hi all! My GCC hurt his foot somehow within the last day. Earlier this year he got his toe broken by a poorly trained groomer and I took him to the vet. They gave me Metacam and it said that it expired 7/31/19 and I don't know if I could get a refill for it. Is it a bad idea to give him the...
  5. D

    please help): oral medication

    My green cheek conure was diagnosed with an excess amount of yeast caused by the stress of moving houses and prescribed an anti fungal. I tried to administer the medication this morning and the bird went nuts, barely swallowing the medicine and leaving me so upset. Is it ok to mix the medicine...
  6. J

    giving meds to a conure.. help!

    I have a cinnamon green cheek that needs to get medication daily. I am going to be leaving for vacation in a few weeks and will have to leave my parents to administer the medication. When I handle her she is good, no biting and giving the medication in the syringe is easy. I wrap her in a towel...