Good Boy: who is training who?

Auggie's Dad

Dec 28, 2007
South Hadley MA
Auggie: Dusky Conure
I suppose it could be a testament to my use of positive reinforcement that Auggie's first words were "good boy". However it was a bit embarrassing when he used them so appropriately this morning.

Every trainer knows that training is two ways, its not just the owner training the pet, but with a parrot it can become quite clear.

This morning I let Auggie out to fly around and play as usual as I got ready and had breakfast. When I leave I get him to come back to his cage, close him up and give him a peanut. This morning however he just sat at the desk across the room and looked at me chirping a bit. I kept calling him over but he just sat there. I was running short on time, so I walked over and picked him up. As I had him on my hand and took the first step toward his cage he looked up at me and ever so smugly said "Good Boy." I dropped my head and cussed under my breath a bit as I realized just how effectively my bird has completely trained me to be at his beck and call.

Life reaches a new laughable low when one is patronized by their own pet.

They do tend to do that don't they, and it is always SOOO upsetting at the time and then you look back on it and have a great laugh about it.

Yeah, Mac has done this to me numerous times and I hate the thought of being outwitted but a 67 gram, 10 inch long little monster, but it happens. There was this time that I was holding him right up to my face like an ice cream cone (he loves to be held like that) and he had just chewed on something that I was really upset about and I was yelling at him, "You chew on everything, you make ungodly messes and you are loud, why do I even keep you around?!" I asked him ... he leaned his little beak over to my lips and made *smooch, smooch, smmmmmmoch* sounds!

They just seem to know! And no one will every be able to convince me that they don't. I hate it everytime it happens, but in the same breath it's amazing everytime ...

Oh, I wonder what kind of stories Dr. Pepperberg could tell us like this about Alex ... :eek: ... now THOSE would be stories!

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