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Dec 24, 2006
Will my Corella stop eating when he is full?
Its hard to tell how much he throws and how much he eats.
It sounds from your previous posts that he is throwing a lot of food on the floor, most birds will do this, so he isn't eating everything you put in the bowl. But yes he will stop eating, they don't just eat for the sake of eating.
I guess I lucked out. Lucky doesn't like to toss his food, and only food that ends up on the cage floor is what he wipes off his beak after he's finished. The bowls that came with the cage are quite large, and besides his pellets I don't feed much seed at all. He gets cooked beans and veggies in the morning with some fruit in the evening.
I'll send Bucc over, he'll teach Lucky to get food all over the walls, floor, and we are now practising to get the ceiling. He is a great shot for shooting the cat with peanuts as she walks past his cage. :D
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So normal steamed or boiled vegetables are ok?
brussel sprouts?
Sweet potato?

are all these ok for the guts-ache we call a bird?
They are fine, you could also try giving him corn on the cob, Bucc loves it and its real funny watching him trying to hide it from the little guys. :D

Don't give too much Brocoli.
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Sorry to keep harping on, and I promise I wont mention another veggie again, but Debbie wants to know if Chicpeas are ok?

But I am starting to get the idea that most things are ok in moderation.
But I am starting to get the idea that most things are ok in moderation.

Your right there, most things are fine for them, they'll soon let you know what they don't like, Its the things that are not good for them we have to watch out for. I'll have to see if I can find a list somewhere.

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