Gwen wasn't helping much.....


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Jan 19, 2006
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Gwen was being a complete and utter BRAT this morning. I was trying to clean his cage and he was in rare form. First he was grabbing my tie around my pony tail off repeatedly until I just gave up and didn't put it back in. Then he went to the bottom of the cage, grabbed my cleaning bucket and tipped it over. :eek: I refilled it, and went back to cleaning and he grabbed it again, so I grabbed it too and we kinda played tug o war with it until he snapped a chunk out of it. Then he stole my little scrub brush and wouldn't give it back. :rolleyes: Then he got my sponge and proceeded to turn it into a pile of pieces parts! Man was he being a royal pain in the you know what. I have to admit though, it was funny as all heck, the problem was that I was in a hurry because the trash truck was already on my street and I didn't want to miss him.............I missed him.....
gotta luv em hey.They seem to pick just the right moment to be a pain in the butt.when dobby is not keen on her cage being cleaned out she bites really hard just to say go away and leave my home alone. hurts like hell too.:eek:
Alison, Gwen was just trying to help his Mama, :D Not even Buccs tried that one, but then I do make sure that he's out before I even attempt to do it. He hates his cage being cleaned.

Gwen had obviously decided that it was time to play, and hey Mama's come to play too. He sure does have a lot of character. I love Gwen. :07: he's just too cute.

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