Have you ever been criticized for owning a bird?


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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Long ago, I noted that being taller and bigger than average, plus being Male commonly keeps the number of individuals that want to insert their opinion on the lower level for me. Also, taking a step told the individuals, steals a bit of their personal 'space' will cause most people to move along.

My daughter is a sweetheart and she would commonly have individuals attempt to interject their opinions. I recall one time when one of them pushed a bit further and she was scared by that individuals being in her face. She was still in tears when she arrived home. A big hug helped. But what really helped was when I explained that fear and anxiety are a reaction to not reacting to a basic instinct of Flight of Fight! Or, better to say, Leave or Stand her Ground. There is nothing wrong with simply turning one's back and walking a few steps away. Knowledge allows one to becoming comfortable that what you are doing is correct for you allows you to face that individual and telling them they are sadly wrong!

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