Hello from Farmer City, IL


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May 19, 2024
Farmer City, IL
Ren 2 year old Normal Pearl Pied Male Cockatiel
My hand-fed babies:
Velociraptor (Val - temp name)
Pip Squeak (Pip - temp name)
Hello everyone, I am super excited to be here. I have a lot of critters here on the farm including a male Cockatiel named REN and 2 babies I am handfeeding because their mama passed away the day they hatched. I have no clue why. They are growing and doing great!

Check out my profile for more information about me!
Welcome. Glad you found us! I love this place. Hang around; make friends; hear opinions; you'll never regret it.
I'm in Illinois as well :)

Welcome, sorry to hear your mama tiel passed away. I'm glad her babies are in good hands.
Glad you joined us! I've been away for a while- a big convention was in town, then I got food poisoning. NOT fun. But I'm back and will be about again! Just look for any mention of a Pionus parrot, LOL!

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