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Apr 22, 2009
Phoenix, Az
Military Macaw
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Hey group!! TJ here in the "it's getting too hot" southwest. (lol it hit 106 yesturday) So I am new to the forum thing, I have 2 birds. Nico (military macaw) is 4 years old, and Skittles (sun conure) is almost 3. They can take up most of my time outside of work, and fortunatly for me I get to work for a company that handles pet supplies (www.petcages4less.com). We deal with all types of pets, and we are currently adding things all the time. When I say ALL types I mean it, from fish to monkeys and everything between!! I have a lot of hands of experience with reptiles as well, so let me know if you need help with anything at all. You can find me M-F on that site available to help. Nice to meet you guys and stay cool this summer!!
Welcome to the site, I am located in the Southwest as well (New Mexico) and the weather has been just perfect!
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If we just stayed steady for 2 weeks we would be able to get used to it, last week it was high 60's. : ) Thanks
Yup, same here... big fluctations. But I think that's about to stop, it'll be consistently hot soon here.

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