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Aug 27, 2009
Hello everyone! My name is Charli and I finally got my lovebird. I have been searching for a long time. I am a avid animal lover. In my home I have 3 cats, (don't worry they spend most of their time outside)2 dogs, 2 bearded dragons, 2 corn snakes, a Savannah Monitor and of course my Lovebird. Yeah we are known as the local petting Zoo. LOl
I was hoping that one of you might be able to help me. My love bird is a juvinile (still has a little black on the beek). She likes to nibble. I am trying to break her of that and I could use some suggestions on how to go about that.
I have blown in her face when she nibbles at my fingers and of course tried to distract her but she still insisit on chewing on my earlobes. Its almost a game to her. ( little bratt LOL) Its not too hard, yet, but I would like to nip this in the bud. So any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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