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Apr 21, 2015
"Peaches" G2
"Squeaker" YNA
"Crackers" B&G
So glad I found this forum! I'm Jackie and I live in WA state. We currently have 5 fids. Peaches our G2 who was a rescue back in 2007, Squeaker the YNA who we just got in November who was sort of a rescue by a friend of mine, my sons 2 parakeets Daisy and Duke and now our B&G "Crackers" being the newest arrival. We don't have a formal "set up" for the birds. Peaches is kept in the kitchen, Squeaker and the Keets are in the dining room and Crackers is in the play room for 30 days for quarantine. Not sure where we'll move him afterwards. We have a spare bedroom that I want to make into a bird room but for now I need to keep it a bedroom for my 17yo daughter that comes to visit. We live on 5 acres and have 2 horses and 3 dogs. Looking forward to meeting some new internet friends that understand the addiction lol


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What a pretty boy!
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Thank you :) I got really lucky finding him. He's very mild mannered and we hit it off immediately when I first met him. The guy told me over the phone that he preferred women. So when I went to meet him for the first time, I got out of the truck and was talking to the guy and Crackers heard my voice and practically ran over to me. Looked at himself in the wheel cover on my truck then came to me making cute noises. I knelt down and asked him to step up and he did and said "good boy" lol He was a lover right from the start. I spent about an hour with him and when I left he threw a major fit! The guy was a firefighter and was gone 4 days a time so this bird was left alone in his huge cage with not a single toy. He had a couple perches and a piece of wood to chew on and that's it. But when the guy was off he spent all day with him so I guess that's his saving grace. He is a bit spoiled in that regard so he's learning a new schedule here. He seems to be adjusting really well. He now has toys, wood blocks to chew, all the cardboard he wants and good food. He's already had a check up at the vet and he got a clean bill of health. He does need to lose a little weight but I'm sure that won't be an issue since he won't be living off of sunflower seeds now :/
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I can see why some people have more than one macaw ;)
I can see why some people have more than one macaw ;)

It's so hard for me to hear all the "feathered buzz saw" stories... because to me it indicates that something is seriously wrong...

These are the most toddler-like of parrots. They are so much like little kids it's scarey...
Hello Jackie, Welcome to the forum! Gorgeous photo of Crackers.
Hi Jackie, and welcome to the forums. :) You have a lovely flock, and congrats on your newest addition, Crackers! What a handsome boy he is! :D Please, if you're up to it, share some photos of your other feathered family members. And the horses and dogs, too!! :D It's great to have you.
Hello and welcome! Crackers is gorgeous! I'm so glad you joined us and I look forward to seeing pictures of your other feathered and furry babies when you get a chance:)

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