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May 10, 2012
I have a 5month old eclectus male I purchased from a breeder. Ive target trained him. But he wants nothing to do with me. He bites me, he lunges at me, he only syeps up when hes hungry and I have treats. If he's not hungry or is over the treats he wont let me near him. He's mean to me and to my daughter. Ive read books, watched videos, and read articles. I had to force him onto a perch to get him.back into his cage last week and that really pissed him off. Since then now he really hates me and wants nothing to do with ms. So now I have a $1000 sqwaking angry vicious thing that sits in the room waiting to kill me. If I wanted that I would have stayed married. Someone help me before I get rid of him. Ive had 3 parrots before, all eventually very tame. He is much dofferent. Could I have broken trust w him for good?


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Jan 13, 2011
no you have not broken his trust, you just have to change tactics with handling him, there are alot of ekkie owners on this forum, so they will have better advice.

bit more info be good, such as whats his eating, vet visits, his, yours routine, cage set up, and age of your little girl

i had a little sene that also plotted my demise within her cage, she is now rather nice to me (thought at times she still has the odd try!)
i just adjusted my tactics each time, but the tactic that worked the best was routine, and reading her body language!

morning flap about then cage, even if we are in the house, then out for another flap about and then main meal as a family all together, then bed! 7/8pm a little later as it summer as in winter its 6/7pm

oh an welcome to the forum and pics please :)
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Mar 22, 2011
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Patience is key!
If hes is only 5 months he cant have been weaned long? How long have you had him?
You might just have to put up with him only liking you when you have a treat for a while till he realises that you are not so bad.
Sometimes it takes months for them to come around to you, especially if hes just done the big move. But once they do, they are your for life (until you try and put them in a flight suit haha. Mine looked at me like i was from another planet for a week after I did that!)
Dont react to the bites, take it very slow, sit by his cage and speak to him softly, and whatever you do, dont get mad. Eccies are very perceptive of human emotions and will pick up on your 'vibe'.
There are some people on here that should be able to give you some great advice - the more infor you give the more they will be able to help. Like Suebee said - Such as, when did he come home, was he hand reared, force weaned, whats his routine/diet, what seems to set off the biting, how do you react to it, cage size/toys etc, etc etc.
Unfortunately if you do something to bruise your trust (especially if you didnt have trust in the first place) it can take a while to build it back. But it will happen! Dont give up. Patience and lots and lots of love is key. If you find yourself getting frustrated, try and take a time out!


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Mar 21, 2010
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Welcome to the forum! All great advice!
Time to start to over! Sometimes it is best to take several steps back to gain one forward!
Pretend like you just brought baby home. He is so very young. He probably has not been weaned that young. I assume the breeder weaned your baby for you? Start by keeping him in his cage. Place a chair across the room from him. Sit and talk, read, sing and play with toys where he can see you. Praise him if he even looks at you or shows any acceptable behavior.
Slowly move the chair closer over the next few weeks. Find a very favorite treat that you will only use for training.Get up and drop a very favorite treat in his bowl and sit back down. Praise if he eats it. If he strikes at the bars when you leave the treat, ignore the behavior but still leave the treat.
Eventually work up to offering the treat with your fingers directly to him.
Over time start to leave the door open and move back to the far side of the room and work your way close again with treats.
Then onto offering a head scritch.
What does all of this do? It helps him to better trust you because right now he does not. He will learn you mean no harm and expect nothing in return.
This will be a slow process but it is well worth the next 40+ yrs you can have together.
Believe me in that he senses you are frustrated, a bit nervous and angry by his behavior. So it is important to stay very calm and relax. Patience and baby steps!


Nov 16, 2011
Welcome to the Forum :)

I agree with all the above advice.. The Key is to start form step 1 again... Take things slowly and eventually you will gain her trust! Another thought would be to try Clicker Training! I know a few Members on here that have done this after being in the same situation as you, with their Bird and it has been a great success :)

Good Luck with her and dont be afraid to ask questions! We are all here to help :)

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