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Nov 3, 2018
what can i do if my lovebirds have wound because of other lovebirds? the wound is in the head.
Welcome to the forums, we'll try to help!

Can you describe the wound and/or submit a picture?

Small superficial scratches may heal in a few days, others are more serious and require attention from a certified avian veterinarian. Always a risk of infection and damage to the underlying area. If there is any doubt, better to seek a vet!

Probably best to temporarily remove the wounded bird from the rest. Some species may become vicious and further attack. Is this bird eating, drinking, perching, and eliminating (going to the bathroom) normally?

I am not familiar with lovebirds, so others with experience can give better advice!
If birds start hurting each oither -> seperate them (different cages).

It may have been an accident, it may not.
Heal it up first, play detective later.

How old are your birds?
Have they always lived together?
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It's not her partner. Actually it's just a week when we started to keep a lovebirds, so i don't really know how to do with it. We have 2 coupled lovebirds. It happened when we woke up this morning and my brother saw that the 4 birds are together already, the smaller female one is the one who is hurt, attacked by the bigger one.

P.S Sorry for my grammar
Good advice above!

Sooooooooo... what are your goals? Keeping pet birds? Breeding?

Both are complicated, especially the latter! There are critical issues of diet,, nesting, monitoring the babies...

Are you experienced with birds? Do you have somebody to guide you?

I'm glad you're here... and glad you're reaching out.
I don't know how lovebirds function in flocks, but wonder if competition for affection caused this incident?
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Just for keep, I don't think i can handle breeding.
No I'm not, this is the first time actually.
How badly is this bird wounded? You said the wound is on it's head, which can be very bad...Is you bird doing okay?
For cuts or open wounds:

  • Apply gentle pressure to small cuts with a piece of gauze to stop bleeding. Be careful not to hold the bird tightly by the chest or compress his chest as this can cut off air supply.

  • After the bleeding has stopped, clean the wound with warm, clean water.
  • Apply betadine or hydrogen peroxide to the area. Be calm and soothe your bird while doing so.
If English is not your first language, please state what your native speech is - perhaps a translation can be provided.

If your English reading skill is intermediate or even just at a basic level, please try to read the following three guides for future reference on What to Do concerning First Aid for Birds.

1. Do’s & Don’ts of Avian First Aid

2. Common Bird Injuries & First Aid

3. Avian First Aid for Common Bird Emergencies

Let us know if you require further advice. We hope your bird heals quickly.

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