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Jun 10, 2024
Hi guys,

I have got a pair of violet ringnecks.

I am setting up an aviary outside for them, can someone please recommend / suggest on what I should do eg help keep pests away, keep parrots warm and an idea of what materials to use? The person making it is saying plywood is okay and rats won’t bite that?

Also keeping parrots warm, I have no indoor space?
I have a pair of conures. I have placed husk sheets around the aviary as flooring and ceiling and randomly on walls. In summers I spray them with water and this lowers the temperature, while during winters the sheets provide warmth to my birds. Adding a pic for your reference of the sheets.

For pests I clean the aviary by mixing neem oil to water.

I leave a pot of lemon grass plant and a pot germinating fresh wheat seeds.

There is always soft neem and mango wood branches in the aviary for Kiwi and Zeus to chew on.


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