How can i get my new timneh african grey out of its cage?

Aug 6, 2012
New Jersey
GCC-*Boo*, TAG-*Charlie
I just picked up my new Timneh African grey up last night. She is 5 months old and She is a real sweetypie. I visited her for 2 weeks everyday before bringing her home so she was used to me. She is very cage protective so she never wants to come out. Even at the bird store he never wanted to come out, but he knew the people that worked there for a longer time so he never tried to bite them. He tries to bite me when i offer my hand. He lets me go in his cage and give him treats by hand but he just doesnt want to come out. He steps up once hes out and everything but he just wont come out even if i leave the cage door open. He might climb on the door but he will just stay on his cage and wont get off. He also likes to go on his playtop part of his cage. But again he doesnt want to come off. Any tips???:grey::D:D:D
Yes, let your bird get used to the new environment. Offer treats, let her come to you and get them. She will get comfortable it will just take a little while
Interesting. Have you named him/her? How well does your TAG do "Step Up?" Is there a place by the cage where you can just sit with the door open. Greys are curious and that might be in your favor...especially if you have your conure nearby. He/She may compete for your attention and affection. He/She also may learn by watching your interaction with your conure.
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Thanks! It helps! I left her cage open for a while and she came right out! She was just nervous. She is the sweetest little girl! She just snuggles in my neck and watches television with me. She loves soap operas and movies with Tom hanks! lol. It was random. We were watching 2 movies with him in it and she just sat there for 2 hours listening to it. She didnt do that with any other movie we watched! And at the bird shop there were a lot of sun conures that were screaming in the same room. Now when he wants attention he will make that noise. It doesnt bother me considering it is quieter then most african greys i hear. Haha. Thanks!
When my grey wants attention he just starts cackling. First time he did it, he has my wife and I laughing so hard our ribs hurt afterwards. I been trying to get it on video but he is camera shy.

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