How to tell if an eclectus breeder is ethical and legit?


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Feb 25, 2021
Hello! I currently have a delightful 42-year-old b&g macaw and I am looking for a male eclectus. I have spoken with some legitimate breeders, but I am wondering if anyone has heard anything about Their website looks all right, says it's family owned, but the email and text responses I have gotten seem off. I haven't been able to find any information about them online, including at the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Just looking for any information out there. Thank you!

Welcome Emily, good luck searching for an Eclectus! Unfortunately "parrotbesties" is almost certainly a SCAM.

Huge red flag is advertising fertile eggs for sale. No reputable breeder contemplates shipping extraordinarily fragile eggs. Raising a chick from the hatch is literally a round the clock proposition for weeks and fraught with disaster for all involved. Here's the "egg" page, they offer an impossibly large roster of parrots! Secondarily, the home page appearance mimics many frauds we've seen. In the absence of eggs for sale, I'd have Google searched a few images and would likely find they are generic from across the globe.
Completely agreeing with Scott. Any bird shop online selling live birds and/or eggs is always bad news when you can't see the birds and owners in the flesh!

Get in contact with your local bird club/ association, they will more than happily point you in the right direction of a quality breeder that knows what they're doing.

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