1. R

    ISO reputable Congo African grey breeder

    I’m looking for a CAG breeder with reasonable prices! Please reply to this if you have any suggestions. They must ship since I can’t travel out of state (Pennsylvania). Thank you!
  2. R

    Reputable conure breeders ??

    I’m looking for a reliable conure breeder so I can adopt a turquoise conure this summer. Does anyone have suggestions? Any advice is greatly appreciated! I’m located in Pennsylvania but I can’t drive out of state to adopt a turquoise conure, so if the breeder is out of state, they would need to...
  3. E

    How to tell if an eclectus breeder is ethical and legit?

    Hello! I currently have a delightful 42-year-old b&g macaw and I am looking for a male eclectus. I have spoken with some legitimate breeders, but I am wondering if anyone has heard anything about Their website looks all right, says it's family owned, but the email and text...
  4. M

    New to the community

    Good morning all you bird lovers! My name is Michael and I am new to this community. I have previously owned several birds including a tiel, peach and Fischer's Lovebirds, a quaker and my last and most precious is a TAG. But I am moving up into the world of large birds by welcoming home a 3 year...
  5. B

    Finding an African Grey? (so many scammers)

    My family and I have been searching for a Grey for the past month. We live in Virginia near Richmond. It seems that everybody we find online is very short with us and doesn’t seem to want to give us any real information or verify themselves in any way. We are very wary of somebody that wants to...
  6. L

    Young Male Clear Pied Cockatiel Wanted

    Hello! I have been searching for a newly weaned clear pied male cockatiel for months now and have yet to find any. Every breeder I have contacted has either not replied or has told me they do not have any tiels at all available. I have never seen a clear pied for sale but I really love them and...
  7. L

    Reputable Breeders in Northern California

    Hi everyone! I am interested in getting a young cockatiel but have been having a hard time finding reputable breeders near me. Any advice? Also, I have found lots of companies that ship the birds to you, but my instincts tell me that these breeders are likely not reputable/that it is...
  8. L

    Senegal Parrot Wanted

    Hello, I am hoping to locate a reputable Senegal Parrot breeder. I would prefer to find one in or close to North Carolina. I am specifically looking for a male baby Senegal Parrot who has been hand-fed, vaccinated, micro chipped, vet certified and comes with a health guarantee. Thus far I have...
  9. C

    Reputable breeders?

    Hi all, Me and the fam are looking at getting a cockatiel. We’re still in the preparation phase right now and have been lurking on a lot of your beginner posts. What prompted me to finally post is wondering how to find a reputable breeder? It hasn’t been as easy as I would have thought. We...
  10. F

    Breeder help

    Hi to this forum, but am very glad I found it. I had a male SI ekkie for 20 years, and just lost him two months ago to cancer. Hardest loss I have experienced in a very long time. I am going to start looking for a new baby boy, as I just can't imagine my life without's way...
  11. PenClem

    Non-breeders on a breeder's diet?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum so please feel free to stop by and say "Hello!" I have two Lovebird sisters who are now 3 y/o. I've had them since they were weaned and even though they are housed together in their flight cage, they love to have my attention and affection. I...
  12. I

    Red-Bellied Parrot Breeders

    Hello all, After lots of thinking and research, I've decided that an amazon would not be a good fit for me... I believe that the noise level, attention requirements, and unpredictability don't mesh with my lifestyle. I am a 2nd year Biochemistry undergrad that is planning on continuing my...
  13. S

    Turquoise GCC Breeders in MN

    Hello everyone!! I'm looking to get a GCC, preferably a Turquoise one. I've done a lot of research and I'm definitely ready! However, I'm having trouble finding reliable breeders that sell these guys! I live near Minneapolis, but am willing to drive to Wisconsin/North Dakota if needed...
  14. Billdore

    Monthly cost of an African Grey Parrot?

    What would my monthly expenses for and African Grey range between? What should I look for in a breeder? I've notice the price can vary quite a bit. Is there a large difference between the two subspecies congo and Timneh? Thank you soo much for all the help and support the community here is...
  15. nibbler

    att Macaw breeders

    Im talking out of frustration here, and I apologise for being blunt, and im expecting a huge backlash but there is something about bird breeders that I find so damn frustration. Why is it, each one will tell you (regardless of what breed it is) that their breed is more difficult to hand raise...
  16. C

    Finding a breeder in Washington

    I can't seem to find a breeder close to where I live in Washington state. I was thinking of buying at Petco, since the Petsmart near me doesn't have Cockateils, but everywhere says to buy from breeders. Problem is I live in Arlington and there aren't any that raise Cockateils that aren't 50+...
  17. F

    anyone know anything about this?

    this seems like a great attraction/education.....then again i am curious about the whole "you can take a baby bird home". Their facilities look absolutely amazing AND they take in birds. Parrot Mountain and Gardens | Follow the Rainbow to Parrot Mountain
  18. E

    help! Washington conure breeders?!?

    Please please please help me out!!! I really would Like to buy a green cheek conure. Just a normal. But I can't find any breeders in Washington that aren't over $200. if you can please help.Thanks