I'm in oregon


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Aug 24, 2007
Washington state
1cockatoo Chewy 2 cockatiels Male=eli female-=LittleFoot
And I want to move here I have had a blast so far. My friend is a volunteer at Audobon. And I have some awesome pics of that place for you guys. I got to see a perrigrin go into a flight, that was to be his hometill he's released!! AND I got to be in there with him while they let him go. YesI have pics of that too.
Also I got to see a comegrant get releaesd into the wild which was awesome to see. I got pics of that too. He was magnificant.
And then I got to feed Daffy (Canadian Goose) out of myh hand. I got to be in the pen by myself while Idid that. I got p ics of her eatting out of my hand too. She is so gentle. I just love her and thgey are trying to find her a new home since she's so im printed on people that she can't be released.
She handles a falcon, the smallest type of falcon there is in the world, it starts with a c, butg I forgot what it's called. I got lots of p ics of him. Hisname Is Jack'
Oh and I got alot of pics of a great horned owl. that someone took out of the wild when he was a baby and raised it as a pet. Now it doesn't know how to hunt and he's 5 yrs old. His name is Julio. He's awesome!!!!!!!!
Some more pics of Finnigan, another perrigrin.
Then after we were done at the audobon we went and watched a bunchof swifts, go inot a chimney. Did you know its illegal, at least in oregon tog make them leave a chimney. You can before the season, put up screens but after they are in there it 's too late to do anything about it. It was awesome they came like a tornado and went into schools' chimney. they actually leave it open on purpose for the swifts.
I do miss Eli , Little Foot and Chewy, But I know they are in good hands.

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