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Apr 22, 2013
Hi all, I posted an earlier thread about my new 8 month old Indian Ringneck, Remy, that we've now had for four days, since this past Saturday. He's doing pretty well with stepping up training with an occasional hard bite here and there when he is grumpy or tired or doesnt want to focus, but we keep going until he gets it right. We bribe him with apples usually. He eats anything out of our hands just fine and hangs out on our plant in the living room with us.

But for the past two mornings, as we are in the kitchen getting our food together for work, we've been singing good morning and i love you to him, and he's been tweeting and chirping loudly in response. This morning he was climbing all over his cage and screaming with his loud squawking. It was totally obvious he wanted to get out of the cage. So we kept our distance and ignored the screaming but kept saying good morning and we love you quietly. He eventually stopped and when he did, I fed him a strawberry through the cage and he was fine. We left the tv on the cartoon network today.

Is this loud squawking a behavioral problem? Or is this normal because its morning and he has energy and is saying hi? We couldnt tell if he was happy or really just asking to be let out. We dont want him to be miserable left home alone all day.

Should we be concerned with his screaming or is this ok?


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Nov 24, 2010
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I doubt it's so much behavioral as your first thought, it wanted out or at least more attention from you, than it was getting, while recognition is OK, most birds prefer the up front & personal interaction from their human slaves.....

Just stay with your training, if you're a quick learner, your IRN will have you through basic training in no time.....

Good luck.....

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